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An easy-to-use online food and diet journal.

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One surefire way to successful and maintained weight loss is through keeping a daily food journal. But if the idea of tallying up your day's worth of food in a tattered notebook using your high school calculator is about as appealing as eating plain celery stalks for dinner, then listen up.

Graphite is a web-based application that takes a no-nonsense approach to logging your caloric and exercise information.

This calorie tracking tool allows you to record and keep track of what you are eating, how many calories you are burning (based on your daily activities) and what your different caloric and fitness goals need to be in order to achieve a certain weight.

Graphite is a clear and organized web application that doesn't require you to be a technical genius to use. With Graphite, you have access to graphs that chart your weight, exercise and caloric intake over time so that you can see your progression towards your goals.

You have the option of signing up for a 7-day free trial and then pay a monthly or annual fee.

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  • Design and format is easy to use
  • Promotes awareness of dietary choices and exercise habits
  • Ability to see progress over time serves as a strong motivating factor
  • Customized to your own weight loss goals
  • Studies show that those who use food journals are more likely to lose weight and keep it off
  • Offers tons of information, resources and tips on healthy eating
  • Requires that you daily document and input foods consumed and exercise
  • Does not provide you with a detailed nutrition plan

While Graphite won't spell out a detailed menu plan, it will provide you with enough tools and information so that creating a healthy meal plan that fits within your daily calorie budget is easy and fun.

In addition to the food tracker, Graphite also features tips for eating smart, resources for how to eat healthy, a breakdown of some of the most popular lifestyle diets, like the Mediterranean Diet, Harvard School for Public Health’s Healthy Eating Pyramid and expert advice from the American Dietetic Association.

It also includes fact-based information on energy balance and facts about how your body's metabolism works.


Graphite allows you to input and track your daily activity and exercise through its Track and Log Exercise program. The program allows you to select from a number of exercises or add your own, input how many minutes you spent engaged in the particular exercise and how many calories you burned. It also shows you how many calories you have left to eat when this exercise log is compared with your diet tracker.

Graphite also features articles on the importance of weight training, tips for making exercise a habit, how to walk for weight control and much more.


More and more research shows just how effective food diaries and journals can be in the immediate and long-term success of weight loss.

Graphite is complete with tools that recommend your daily caloric baseline for maintaining your current weight. You can adjust your goals based on how much weight you want to lose and see your caloric numbers change accordingly. Its easy-to-use format and its extensive list of resources makes staying accountable to your weight loss goals as simple as it can get. You just need to put in the effort.


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