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hCG Clear

hCG Clear

hCG drops that claims you can have revolutionary weight loss.

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hCG Clear is yet another line of hCG drops available that promises big weight loss numbers in a short period of time. hCG Clear is the drop form of hCG rather than the injection form. hCG Clear offers a full refund if you don’t lose 15 pounds in 30 days of using the product. The site also reports that some people have lost as much as 25 pounds in a month using this product. The real weight loss with hCG Clear or any hCG Diet comes from the fact that you are only allowed to consume 500 calories each day. The web site for hCG Clear is filled with testimonials and photos of people at a healthy weight. There are different packages available depending on how much weight you want to lose.

Each package comes with the amount of hCG Clear you will need to meet your weight loss goals, a weight loss tracker, a recipe book, and some other eBook bonuses. The drops claim to be more convenient and safe than the injections. With hCG Clear you don’t need a prescription, a visit to the doctor and its much less expensive. With all hCG products, it is important to remember that the claims of high weight loss numbers have been found to be fraudulent by the FDA. The extremely low calorie count required by these diets place the body into starvation mode and can be damaging to your overall health.

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  • Drops come with multiple bonuses
  • Testimonials available on the site
  • Offers a money back guarantee
  • FDA has called hCG diets fraudulent
  • Not recommended by many doctors
  • Weight loss claims offer an unsafe weight loss in a short amount of time
  • Requires a super low calorie diet of 500 calories per day
  • hCG diets are not recommended by most doctors
  • Charged a restocking fee for returning the product and cancelling membership

There is no call out for the ingredients in these hCG drops. Typically the drops include the hCG hormone and purified water.


Instructions on taking hCG Clear are included with the product, along with instructions for the diet that must be used along with the drops.


There is no exercise recommendation given with hCG Clear. Usually with the low amount of calories you consume, you won’t have the energy to add in a workout. hCG Clear and other hCG diet products have been called fraudulent by the FDA and there has been no evidence that they help you lose weight. Consuming the mandatory 500 calorie diet will force your body to expel some weight before it goes into starvation mode from not receiving enough nutrients. There are a limited amount of foods that can be eaten while on any type of hCG diet.


Although products like hCG Clear are becoming more and more popular, potential users should be cautious. These types of diets are unsafe and many medical doctors have spoken out against them. Any product that offers dramatic weight loss in such a short period of time should raise concern. Many people want to lose weight fast, but losing it safely through a healthy diet and exercise will be your best option.

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