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hCG Supercharged

hCG Supercharged

Another hCG product promising quick weight loss.

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As the hCG Diet continues to gain traction, there are many products becoming available that make the diet more accessible. Unfortunately, no matter how many doctors come out in opposition to this dangerous diet, people are still interested in trying it. The FDA has also come forward calling the hCG Diet fraudulent. One of the products available for the hCG Diet is hCG Supercharged. This is hCG in the form of drops rather than injections. The site offering hCG Supercharged claims that you can lose between 20 and 25 pounds in 30 days. The site also offers you the ability to try the product before you buy it and guarantees weight loss. Because this type of hCG does not require injections, there are no prescriptions or doctor visits necessary. hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin.

This is a hormone produced during pregnancy, and also in men and women of all ages. The hCG Diet claims that you need this hormone as either an injection, or drops to allow your body to maintain regular energy levels and metabolize fat while you are on the severely restrictive 500 calories per day eating plan. With the hCG Supercharged program, you will receive the hCG drops, an instruction guide that includes recipes and exercise instructions, and a lifetime membership for savings.

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  • Try the product before you buy it
  • Product includes instructions along with recipes and exercise guide
  • No evidence that hCG is an effective way to lose weight
  • Weight loss comes from the 500 calorie diet, not the hCG
  • Most doctors do not support this as a means to lose weight
  • Such low calorie consumption can be dangerous for your body
  • Typically weight is gained back once a normal calorie diet is resumed
  • Can lead to low energy levels
  • Losing large amounts of weight too quickly can be harmful

The exact ingredients in hCG Supercharged are not available until you have purchased and received the product. This can be somewhat risky because there is no guarantee that you will receive what you may be expecting.


Instructions for using hCG Supercharged are included with your product purchase.


hCG Supercharged comes with specific diet recipes and exercise instructions. You will only be eating 500 calories daily, so it is likely that you won’t have enough energy to do grueling workouts. It is believed that the weight loss you experience from this diet will come from the low calorie intake. The number of foods you can eat will be limited.


hCG Supercharged is another addition to the pool of hCG drops and injections promising huge weight loss results in a very short period of time. Anyone wanting to lose weight should look to more trusted methods like reasonably reducing calories and incorporating more exercise. Restricting calories to the recommended 500 per day level of hCG Supercharged or any other hCG diet places your body into starvation mode and can cause serious harm. Since there is no evidence that hCG helps you lose weight, products like these appear completely unnecessary.

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Randy Ward

I lost 30 pounds and quickly gained it back. I should have stayed on the transition plan that is recommended when you get off the HCG. Instead I gradually went back to my bad eating habits. I am going to try again. It worked!

posted Jul 14th, 2017 12:29 am



I lost two sizes a year ago. I wanted to do another round of drops. Where can I get them. I felt healthy, lost weight safely, no side effects. This product did wonders for my life and health.

posted Jun 13th, 2012 4:06 am



I have used this for seven days now and have lost 14 pounds and dropped a pants size. If this keep up next week I will be under the 200 mark something I have not been in a long long time...

posted Mar 15th, 2012 4:51 am


Hey my names brandi, I was wondering if you could help me decide if HCG supercharged is right for me? I weigh 200 pounds and i would like to drop 30 pounds or so. Can you tell me if this really works or if its another bull shit plan? Are there any negative side effects? If you could email me at
[email protected] i would really appreciate it!!

posted Jun 10th, 2011 12:13 am


Yes, it works, people... If I was doing 500 calories only and lifting weights as hard as I've been doing for the last 3 weeks, every day, plus 400 abs and cardio, with great energy! I would be in the hospital and I would not be as toned, with muscle definition, strong as I am now. Ask my husband! Need pictures from before and now? And I'm not even done with it! Just so you know, it also tightens your skin that it's a beauty! How do you think I lost weight and was so ripped so fast 3 months after giving birth??? Please save people's lives and refer to sites such as with all possible info on how it works in your body, and how you will train your body to eat less and healthier. It is not an easy diet (more mentally challenging than anything), but there are no hunger pains and you have to stick to the plan until the end! I am proof! ask me anything and willing to provide photos.

posted May 3rd, 2011 10:38 am


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