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hCG Ultra Diet Drops

HCG Drops Review (UPDATED 2024): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

An oral version of this very controversial weight loss program.

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What is it?

HCG Drops is a weight loss formulaavailable though many brands that is used to reduce hunger and improve metabolism. It’s said to be strong enough for up to a pound of weight loss a day without causing fatigue.

When using these drops a 500 calorie a day diet needs to be taken for around 8 weeks.  It’s only sold via prescription, though some brands use the HCG Drops name by instead adding natural ingredients instead of the hormone. Our review experts have rated several different diet plans, and the most effective was found to be the 18Shake Diet. It combines an appetite suppressing meal replacement alongside a stimulant free fat burning diet pill. To learn more about the benefits of this diet, click the link here.

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HCG Drops Ingredients and Side Effects

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin: Hormone that is made in the embryo to develop eggs. It is often used to help women become fertile, and to increase sperm count in men.

It’s only prescribed by a doctor, though there are brands that use the HCG name without adding the hormone.

In terms of weight loss, HCG was once used to help those on a 500 calorie diet lose fat instead of muscle. It was originally created to be used alongside a high protein and low carbohydrate diet.  Though the FDA has added:

“There is no substantial evidence that HCG increases weight loss… that it decreases the hunger and discomfortassociated with calorie-restrictive diets”

They also state:

“It is not approved for weight loss”

“HCG is mot approved for OTC sale for any purpose”

Since these drops require a 500 calorie loss, the FDA also commented on the safety of this diet:

“Living on 500 calories a day is not only unhealthy, it’s hazardous”

“increased risk for side effects that include gallstone formation, an imbalance of electrolytes tat keep the body’s muscles and nerves functioning properly, and an irregular heartbeat”

Brands that sell an over the counter HCG Drops formula don’t actually use the actual hormone, but instead they substitute with other ingredients. Still, the standard of reducing calories to only 500 calories a day is still required. Learn about which diet plans made it to the top ranked list here.

Yet another study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition adds:

“Ineffectiveness of human chorionic gonadotropin in weight reduction”

This was according to a respected double blind study, which is considered one of the most trustworthy types of clinical studies available. Possible side effects from this ingredient include:

         • Weight gain, stomach pan, and headaches.

         • Depression, pain, and swelling.

         • Restlessness, irritability, and nausea.

         • Diarrhea, vomiting, and shortness of breath.

Since the diet plan is incredibly restrictive, it may also produce unwanted issues such as malnutrition, fatigue, mood swings, low energy, and much more. The Mayo Clinic has also mentioned:

“there are safer ways to lose weight”

They also add how the restrictions needed are likely to contribute to weight loss, no matter what is taken:

“People who follow such a very low calorie diet are likely to loseweight at least in the short term”

In prescription form HCG Drops are only to be used for infertility, and there’s no evidence that the different formulas in the over the counter version would be beneficial for weight loss. Likely, the only reason one might lose weight is due to the 500 calorie a day diet. This kind of dieting is what’s called a crash diet, as it is not made for long term use.

Typically, when once reduces calories this low it would require the support of a medical professional. This is due to the many potentially serious side effects which may result such as malnutrition and organ damage. Effective weight loss options are available via the top 10 list of weight loss diets.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

HCG Drops Quality of Ingredients

Since these drops are only available via prescription, the other versions available sold over the counter which use this name typically add some sort of amino acid blend.

The actual HCG hormone has not been proven to be effective for weight lossaccording to many clinical studies and the FDA.

The intended benefit of this for weight loss is to help enhance metabolism, so one can diet with only 500 calories without feeling ill feelings. This has been debunked repeatedly by clinical studies and by the FDA. This makes it a very poor ingredient for weight loss, since it has not been shown to be effective.The highest rated weight loss diets are available in this link.

The Price and Quality of HCG Drops

The prices can vary greatly depending on which brand is chosen, and whether or not one buys small amounts or in bulk.

The actual price for the real hormone is not listed online. Since the quality of each brand is dependent on a lot of factors, it’s impossible to truly judge each single formula. The actual HCG hormone has not been shown to be effective for weight loss, and supplements using this name don’t actually add the hormone. So this means brands are using the name of an unproven weight loss ingredient to promote their own product.

At any price point the requirements for HCG are too much, a 500 calorie a day diet will promote weight loss no matter if HCG is used or not. Since it’s not considered a long term or safe diet plan, it makes the overall quality of any kind of HCG Drops formula potentially unsafe and unproven for weight loss. For a comprehensive listing of the highest rated weight loss diets, click here.

Business of HCG Drops

Many different companies use the HCG Drops name as a way to promote their products. The actual hormone is old via 3 different brand names. One such brand is sold by the Ferring Pharmaceutical groupwhich can be reached below:

Phone Number: (973) 796-1600

Address: 100 Interspace Parkway

                   Parsippany, New Jersey 07054

The company’s which sell the actual hormone don’t mention weight loss as an option, they instead focus on the actual proven benefit which is women’s fertility.  This is because the FDA has banned companies from making weight loss claims about HCG Drops.

Supplement companies that use this name don’t actually use the real hormone, and whether or not they offer a return policy depends on each individualpolicy.

No returns are allowed for the hormone version of HCG Drops.  The Mayo Clinic has also added:

“Companies that sell over-the-counter HCG weight-loss products are breaking the law”

This is because the FDA has not approved this for weight loss; they have found it to be not just ineffective, but potentially unsafe. It’s unknown what kinds of effects a 500 calorie a day diet may have, and company’s claiming weight loss is possible through this and HCG Drops are not backed by the FDA. A list of the highest ranked diets for weight is featured in the link here.

EDITOR’S TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Customer Opinions of HCG Drops

Here are some online customer reviews about the supplement:

“3 months later, I gained theweight back; and no longer have the drive to exercise regularly”

“These drops DO NOT WORK don’t waste your money, I already did”

These are customer reviews from those who used the actual hormone

“I had the worse headaches that I’ve ever had in my life. The right side of my face started sagging”

“I started feeling anxiety and burning all over my body”

Some people did end up losing weight, however, once they stopped eating only 500 calories a day they regained all the weight lost. Also, people often mentioned that they felt awful while using HCG Drops, though it’s unknown if this is because of the calorie reduction or the drops themselves.

Many users also mentioned side effects that are common in people who several reduce calories. This includes migraines, irritability, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, feeling cold, fatigue, and many other problems.

People often mentioned they were concerned because they lost muscle mass instead of fat.  This is likely causes by starvation and a loss of important vitamins and minerals. At 500 calories a day, it’s impossible to get the full daily nutritional support.

Conclusion - Does HCG Drops Work?

Before making a final decision on HCG Drops it’s important to look over the research. Not only has the hormone version been declined by the FDA as a way to lose weight, but they also mention a 500 calorie a day diet can be extremely dangerous. This is likely why so many people have mentioned they experienced side effects. Brands now sell a hormone free version with amino acids, but the problem is that eating only 500 calories can be extremely unhealthy, and often once off of it, all the lost weight is regained. Starving oneself is not a safe or long lasting approach to weight loss.

The 18Shake Diet was rated as the best weight loss solution due to its customer reviews, quality of ingredients, and overall weight loss benefits. It combines a fat burning diet pill made with natural ingredients, and a nutritionally balanced meal replacement that suppresses appetite for hours. There are no added stimulants, colors, artificial ingredients preservatives, or any other unwanted fillers.

The 18Shake Diet is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee. All returns are offered with no questions asked. To learn more about the 18Shake Diet, click here.

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Correction: the authors name of 'Weight Loss Apocalypse' is Robin Phipps Woodall.

If you are going to do the protocol, then do yourself a favour and read the book. Free downloadable pdf's are available online.

posted Jul 9th, 2012 8:21 am


I highly recommend anyone interested in learning about the hCG protocol to read 'Weight Loss Apocalypse' by Robin Phillips Woodall. She also has Vlogs on youtube. hCG isn't a diet, it is a hormone rehabilitation protocol, a do-over for your metabolism. If you don't follow the program to the letter then there will be adverse affects to your hormones, metabolism and body.

I used homeopathic pellets last year and lost 20kg (44lbs) in a very short amount of time but I cheated occasionally and didn't finish the protocol properly and put the weight back on.

Now I am using prescription hCG Nasal Spray and have decided (after reading 'Weight Loss Apocalypse') that I will only eat when I am hungry, I will not deviate from the protocol, I will not weigh myself daily (will weigh and measure in 1 month) and I will take emotion out of eating.

Do yourself a favour, before you pass judgment on the hCG protocol, check out Robin's vlogs on youtube or read her book. She was a non-believer who after years of research on the subject changed her mind and is now an advocate.

Whatever you do, DO NOT undertake the 500 calorie diet WITHOUT the hCG (preferably RX) as the hCG stops your body from entering starvation mode so your body will burn more fat. Also, do not do the protocol unless you are willing to follow the entire protocol word for word otherwise you will gain weight back extremely fast...trust me I know. This time I am going to do it right!

posted Jul 9th, 2012 8:14 am


On 500 calories a day, you can lose weight quickly, with or without drops. Am I missing something? Are the drops an appetite suppresant?

posted Jul 7th, 2012 1:18 am



What a scam!!! don't belief any of thisstuff

posted Jun 13th, 2012 9:57 pm


A lot of sites are claiming that there HCG drops are legit and they contain the HCG Hormone. Ok, these websites know we can't check their product unless we place an order. Before we know it these websites has gotten our money but sent us some sort of placebo of the HCG Hormone. Ok, the best way you can test your drops or even those so called HCG tablets. Get a home pregnancy test, nothing fancy, you can get them at the 99 cent store these days. Yes they work, my daughter is proof of it! But any way, take a few drops of your HCG drops and put it on the pregnancy test strip, if the results are positive then you have the real McCoy, for the tablets just dillute it in a little water and then put some drops of it on your test strip and if it comes out positive your are a winner!

posted Feb 28th, 2012 7:27 pm


Ok, let me break it down so it's clear! The HCG Diet has it's pros and it's cons. No I have not tried the HCG diet but I totally understand the ins and outs of it, How you ask? OK, I am a 2 yr veteran of the Gastric Bypass Surgery. Before you are approved for this invasive surgery you are given this thick packet on its side effects and its benefits. Every side effect and benefit is exactly the same as the HCG Diet. The reason why the HCG's safety is in question is because this product is sold over the counter. The FDA banned it from being sold because they want to be able to regulate the profit to be made from the sales of this product. Now, after the GB Surgery your body is forced to intake about 500 calories or less. Your body is automatically put into defense mode. Your body is use to getting all those calories and nutrients on a daily basis and then it's just taken away with no explanation. As your calories deplete so does your intake of: Proteins, B12, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Electrolytes, Vitamin D, Biotin etc. and the list goes on. After three months of this nutrient neglect, I experienced clots and muscle spasms (Charlie Horses) because my potassium levels were low, I experienced fatigue and dehydration because my Iron, B12 & Fluid intake was low. I suffered from drastic hair loss because my Protein, Biotin and Vitamin A & E levels were low. I suffered from low bone density and sensitive teeth because of my calcium and Vitamin D levels were low, and the occassional dry skin! Now these side effects ocur with the HCG diet as well, but they can be avoided if you increase your vitamin intake. Now I know there is a limit on the amount of protein you must eat on the HCG Diet but, protein can be added in many other ways like adding protein powder to your drinks or better yet the company that manufactures Benefiber also makes Beneprotein. A orderless and tastless powder you can add to any food or drink with out adding additional calories. It can only be bought on their website." Now the benefits of the HCG diet differ from the Benefits of the GB Surgery, Yes they both promote rapid weight loss but the HCG diet causes your body to utilize the existing body fat that we want to get rid of to make up for the missing calories and nutrients. Thats why on this diet only minimum excercise is required. On the other hand the GB Surgery causes your body to attack the existing muscles for what it is missing, thats why you are left with a lot of flabby skin and flubber. In the classes you are forced to take before the GB surgery, the issue of excercise is a hot topic, because the loss of muscle is so drastic. I know that first hand, weight training and walking has become a way of life for me. Now if I knew what I know now about the HCG Diet, weight loss surgery would not have been an option for me! If you choose to try the HCG diet, just remember to increase your vitamin, nutrients and protein intake. Good Luck & Happy Shopping!

P.S. You'll definately need a new wardrobe!

posted Feb 28th, 2012 7:21 pm



It's been two weeks since starting the drops. I have lost 7 pounds so far and my husband has lost 12. I'm feeling more alert and have more energy. I thought I would be more tired from not eating as much but it has been the opposite. So far, so good. Hoping to lose 4 more pounds next week!!!

posted Oct 3rd, 2011 9:31 am



Here is my weekly feedback. I started taking the drops last Saturday. Watching what I eat has been the hardest part so far. I have come to realize that I'm a "bored eater". Whenever I'm bored I eat. So this past week I've had to find things to do so I wouldn't just turn to food, the house is really clean :) I've weighed myself every two days and have lost 3 pounds. I think I could have lost more if I stuck more to the low calorie part. My husband started the drops on Monday and has lost 5 pounds as of today. I'm very happy with the results thus far :). I will post feedback again next week.

posted Sep 24th, 2011 1:55 pm


Just started the HCG Ultra Drops today. I will give an update next Saturday!!! First goal is 15 pounds!! Wish me luck :)

posted Sep 17th, 2011 1:35 pm



I have been on the ultra diet drops for 3 days (excluding the 2 load up days) and have lost 8 lbs so far! I would like to lose about 40 lbs in total, so it's not like I am only losing so because I am 400 lbs. 40 lbs would get be to pre-baby weight finally!

I feel totally fine on the 500 calories. I am eating better than I did before, saving money on eating out, and feel great. This is the miracle I have been waiting for....

posted Sep 12th, 2011 3:00 am



Today is my third day on hcg drops and I feel as hungry as when I started them. Is this normal?

posted Sep 6th, 2011 2:02 pm



Does the 500 hcg calorie diet give tell you exactly what to eat? I need specifics, because I don't want to guess on what to eat.

posted Jul 11th, 2011 3:54 pm


I was considering purchasing until I read the 500 calorie a day diet. I can easily lose 30 pounds in a month if all I eat is 500 calories per day. I do not see the point of the product with that diet. Please inform me if I am missing something beneficial to spend money on this.

posted May 11th, 2011 1:55 pm



hcgultradiet .com is where my husband and I got our drops from. They are one of the BEST prices around and we've just started our first week, the loading days were pretty easy and the first few days on 500 calories was actually pretty easy. IF you find yourself hungry during the few transition days on 500calories, drink EXTRA water!! It helps a ton.

posted Apr 11th, 2011 11:52 am


I was wondering if you guys can give me your thoughts on where i should purchase hcg drops. I just want to make sure I get a quality product and of the real thing. Thanks:)

posted Apr 6th, 2011 9:51 am

andres aviles

y got hcg ultra premium drops. to loss 1-2 pounds/day, how many drops may i take?

posted Apr 5th, 2011 5:56 pm



My husband and I have been taking the HCG drops for about 2 weeks. I have lost 14 pounds and my husband has lost 15 pounds. We are following the diet as well and find that the 500 cal limit is fine. My husband has a very physical job and adds 200 calories or so on rough days and he still loses.

posted Apr 4th, 2011 2:52 pm



I started the HCG diet with drops on Monday and have lost 4 lbs as of this morning. I was skeptical at first and everyone has been giving me a hard time, but if the weight keeps coming off I'll be a firm believer!

posted Mar 25th, 2011 11:28 am

Special Ed


My wife and I started the HCG diet drops on Thanksgiving. Our load up days were Thanksgiving and the day after. In the first 23 days, I dropped as many pounds. My wife had lost about 12 during that time. I was feeling weak at work. I have a physical job and 500 calories was a little on the low side. My co-workers were concerned for my health. Since the maintenance period, I have upped my caloraic intake to about 1000/day. The weight is coming off slower, but I feel a lot better. I'm up to 34 pounds lost and I think losing the weight slower is healthier and more likely to stay off in the future. It does make sense that fewer calorie intake will drop the pounds all by itself, but some of us need some kind of help, even if it's psycologicial. Just eating right is a big part of this diet.

posted Feb 5th, 2011 9:16 pm


I am a male age 59 and have been trying to lose weight with various diet programs for years. About 10 days ago I started taking hCG drops that I found on a web site call hcgasap.com. In the first 10 days I have lost a total of 11 pounds. I am really please with the results so far. The 500 calorie per day scared me but it has not been tough except for the first couple of days. Now I am feeling much more energy and much more alert at work.

posted Jan 23rd, 2011 7:12 pm


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BACKGROUNDBACKGROUND Start the Diet Now Advertisement

The hCG Diet is one of the most controversial diets, attracting ardent supporters and critical naysayers.

The hCG diet involves taking daily hormones, traditionally intravenously, in order to facilitate weight loss, usually at the rate of one to two pounds per day, without exercise. But a new company has found a way to sidestep the challenge and burden of having daily hCG injections by creating an oral or drop version of this hormone diet.

hCG Ultra Diet Drops are homeopathic liquid drops that claim that it offers the same rapid weight loss results as the hCG injections, but without the dangers and hassles of relying on needles to provide your body with the hormones it needs to lose weight.

Here is how hCG drops are supposed to work: The HCG diet Drop program was designed to regulate the way fat is stored in the body by using hormones to stimulate and release that fat. Since the HCG hormone is naturally secreted during pregnancy, the body releases this fat just like it would do during pregnancy. The hormone apparently tricks the body into thinking it isn’t hungry.

By taking the drops along with the reduced calorie hCG diet and engaging in very low impact and moderate exercise, you can expect to lose 26 pounds on the 26 day hCG Ultra Diet Drop program.

Also read:

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  • May help you to lose weight, albeit temporarily
  • Easier to take than injections
  • Many side effects and unknown dangers associated with using hCG for weight loss
  • Not accepted by the medical community
  • Weight loss largely due to following the reduced calorie diet mandated by the program
  • Certain beauty products must be avoided while using the product

hCG Ultra Diet Drops are a homeopathic remedy that contains a liquid version of the Human Choriogonadotropin hormone and purified water.


A .5 ml tincture of hCG drops are taken twice day. You must wait 10 minutes before and after taking the drops before you eat or drink anything.

Two bottles of hCG Ultra Diet Drops are required for a 40-day program. The drops must also be refrigerated.

You can take the drops up to 40 days. After 40 days you must take a break for how many days you were on the drops before you start another session. This is to make sure your body doesn't become immune to the HCG. Twenty days is the shortest amount of days and 40 is the longest you can do the drops.


While on any hCG diet plan,you must follow a very reduced calorie diet of just 500 calories per day. Each mini meal you consume must contain protein and only low glycemic and low sugar kinds of carbohydrates.

The eating plan is very precise while on the hCG diet. Upon purchase of the drops, you will receive clear instructions on what and when you can and can't eat.

You can do about 20 minutes of walking a day and a few weight-bearing exercises like sit ups or push-ups if you feel that is needed. Exercise burns calories and therefore causes your hunger to increase. The combination of low calorie intake and exercise could cause your body to go into starvation mode. This can negatively impact your stamina and commitment to the diet. So you are encouraged to take it easy.

You must also take a B12 supplement every day as well as well-rounded multivitamin.

Exercise is encouraged once you start maintenance and are back to 1500-1700 calorie diet.

In addition, no lotions, moisturizers or liquid make-ups with oil can be used while using the drops. HCG is very sensitive to oils, creams and fats and these ingredients could slow the weight loss process down. You can use any mineral makeup or pressed powders and oil-free foundations are fine.


hCG Ultra Diet Drops offer an alternative to taking the hCG needle injections, but this controversial diet plan, which promises speedy weight loss without exercise, is associated with health risks and many unknown side effects.

While this homepathic version may be a less invasive way to absorb the Human Choriogonadotropin hormone, it is nonetheless a gamble on your health. Given the introduction a synthetic hormone into your body along with a very reduced calorie diet, any weight loss experienced is likely to be temporary and may also be to the detriment of your health.

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