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I Want to Save Your Life

I Want to Save Your Life

Charles Stuart Platkin hosts WE's health intervention show.

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I Want to Save Your Life is a television show currently airing on the WE TV network with host Charles Stuart Platkin, also known as the Diet Detective. Platkin is a nutrition and public health professional who was able to lose 50 pounds following the same strategies he helps others with on the series. Platkin has written five books and is a certified personal trainer.

I Want to Save Your Life takes an intervention approach with those who drastically need help making over their eating and weight loss habits. One of the key factors about the show is that the intervention is done undercover.

With help from the Diet Detective, people on the show eat real food from the grocery store. They get the chance to incorporate daily activity into their routine using an activity calculator. The program used on the show is also available to those at home. When you sign up for the [Diet Detective] (https://www.dietsinreview.com/diets/diet-detective/ "diet detective") program, you can receive daily inspiration to help you stay on track. Within your specialized diet plan you receive recipes, extensive support and the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

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  • Program is customized to meet your goals
  • Eat real food that you prepare yourself
  • Learn portion control
  • Program proven by the creator’s personal weight loss success
  • Message boards and blogs give access to other dieters
  • TV program offers another layer of education
  • To get access to any of the features, you must be a member
  • Appears to be no trial option

The I Want to Save Your Life diet plan contains similar principles as those outlined in the Diet Detective. Namely, rather than eating obscure diet food, the show's contestants will go to regular grocery stores and choose among brand name foods as they locate the healthiest but also familiar diet-friendly items.

The focus will be on eating real food that is minimally processed and void of sugars and refined and processed ingredients. Contestants will go to the grocery store with Platkin as he helps them make wise choices such as choosing fresh vegetables and fruits over salad soaked in ranch dressing, lean proteins over higher fat meats and water and calorie-free beverages over sugary sodas and juices.

He will also assist them in the kitchen by helping them prepare healthy meals and snacks that can be made without a lot of ingredients and in a short amount of time.

Each contestant's diet will be customized to fit into their lifestyle and weight loss goals.


Several exercise moves are given once you become a member of the Diet Detective’s program. Some of those exercises might include:

  • Butterfly crunch for ab toning
  • Side lunge with twist and row work shoulders, obliques, glutes, outer thighs, quads and hamstrings
  • Total body burner works chest, triceps, shoulders, core, glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors and inner thighs

The Diet Detective program featured on the show I Want to Save Your Life takes on an intervention approach. Platkin is there to help individuals make the necessary changes needed to turn their health around. Of course since not everyone that needs to lose weight can be on the show, the program is offered online and available to all. The Diet Detective seems to be a program that incorporates delicious but healthy foods, with the right exercise moves to whittle down your weight. The Diet Detective could be just the program you need to make that change once and for all.

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