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Ice Cube Diet

Ice Cube Diet

Ice cubes with hoodia claim to suppress your appetite.

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There have been some crazy methods for weight loss throughout the years. Every year some diets grow in popularity because they work, they’re crazy or both. One diet that has been developed and seems to fit the category of crazy diets is the Ice Cube Diet. This diet involves ice cubes containing hoodia to help you lose weight. This diet is classified as a fad diet and those are typically the ones you want to avoid. The Ice Cube Diet is designed to help curb your appetite due to the hoodia within them. Hoodia is a supplement that has received widespread praise for suppressing appetite. The ice cubes for this diet are made by Desert Labs and are to be eaten when you feel the urge to snack. The ice cubes from the Ice Cube Diet claim to be better than diet pills because they are frozen and contain more hoodia.

Although many believed that hoodia had weight loss benefits, others have said there is no scientific evidence supporting that. These ice cubes are very expensive when you consider that you are paying for ice. Desert Labs does assure that each ice cube contains raw hoodia that has been frozen within 24 hours of being harvested. The web site for ordering the ice cubes also mentions an independent study done on the product involving 111 women who tried the Ice Cube Diet. The participants in the study used the ice cubes for a full 40 days.

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  • Company conducted a clinical study to test effectiveness of product
  • Contains raw hoodia in each ice cube
  • Balances hunger naturally
  • Helps curb appetite
  • Convenient
  • Only requires one ice cube per day
  • Available in some stores
  • Contains no stimulants
  • Classified as a fad diet
  • Results of independent study are vague
  • Ice cubes are expensive
  • Leads people to believe they can lose weight by simply eating an ice cube
  • No official complete ingredient list given
  • Hoodia
  • Lemon juice
  • Water

Most people take one ice cube each day when they are feeling hungry. If you have a larger appetite, you can take more than one.


There is no mention of diet or exercise with the Ice Cube Diet. The ice cubes are used to suppress your appetite so that you eat less.


Dieting can be hard and many people look for an easier way to reach their goals. The Ice Cube Diet is one that sounds too good to be true. Just like there is no diet pill that is going to make you magically lose weight, there is no ice cube that will do that either. Desert Labs did conduct a test to show that the Ice Cube Diet was effective, but the number of participants was very small and the results communicated on the web site are vague. When searching for a diet or a dietary supplement, be sure to look for something that offers reasonable expectations and sounds safe. Eating an ice cube when you feel hungry doesn’t seem like a realistic way to lose weight.

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