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IDF Fat Loss Training Manual

IDF Fat Loss Training Manual

Follow the techniques used by the Israeli Defense Forces to burn fat

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For those on the cutting-edge of fitness crazes, the techniques used by the Isreali Defense Forces have created not just a stir among Israeli military personnel, but also among those who are eager to train and discipline their bodies just like the men and women in uniform.

From Krav Maga to the very extreme Israeli Army Diet, how Israeli men and women are trained for military service has provided the basis for numerous fitness and health programs.

And now the IDF Fat Loss Training Manual (Israeli Defense Forces) has synthesized it all to give you all the tools and resources you need to get in fighting shape, even if the closest thing you own to a weapon is a squirt gun.

The manual was created by former IDF combat medic, Rafi Bar-Lev created The Israeli Defense Forces Fat Loss Training Manual. When writing this Rafi wanted to create a plan that was simple, did not need any special equipment and could work for anyone regardless of their current fitness level.

With two different programs, one for men and one for women, the IDF Fat Loss Training Manual will show you in 102 pages how to torch fat and develop trim and sleek muscles through an organized diet and exercise plan.

The IDF Fat Loss Training Manual can be purchased on a one-time fee basis and also comes with access to a secure IDF forum, IDF articles, exercise podcasts and emails.

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  • Concise and clear
  • Written by someone who has firsthand knowledge and experience working in this IDF system
  • One-time fee
  • Can be adapted for a variety of fitness levels
  • No special equipment is needed
  • Promotes interval-based training, which is anefficient workout style
  • Has a strong sales feel to it
  • Makes some very strong assertions about what to expect

The IDF Fat Loss Training Manual has two different but similar diet plans, one that is focused on the nutrient needs of men and one that is tailored to the nutrient needs of women.

With the manual you will have access to sample meal plans, tips on how to easily change your diet to lose as much fat as you want, as fast as you want and why certain foods are actually causing your body to hold on to fat, rather than burn it.

The diet tips in combination with the workout tips are designed to place your body in the fat burning zone.

Overall, the diet promotes a clean-eating plan that encourages lean protein at every meal, no junk food, no sugar, no refined products and no calorie-laden beverages.


IDF Fat Loss Training uses a unique combination of high intensity interval training, cardio, and muscle toning along with special diet tips that are designed to not only burn fat - but actually increase your energy and metabolism.

There is an optional 2 week warm up period for people who haven't exercised before to help ease you into exercising.

No special exercise equipment is needed other than your own body.

Workouts are divided among levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced - and expert and take four weeks to complete each level.


The IDF Fat Loss Training Manual is a organized and comprehensive diet and fitness plan that takes the golden nuggets from the elite training system of the Israeli Defense Force and forms them into a weight loss and body shaping plan that will get you in the best fighting shape of your life.

Be prepared to sweat, eat clean and use your own body strength as you drop pounds and build lean muscle with this easy-to-follow program that can be used with successful end results for anyone regardless of their physical ability.

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