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Intelli Diet

Intelli Diet

An intelligent app that does all of the calorie-counting for you.

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Thanks to the increasing popularity and versatility of apps, you literally can find an app for just about everything.

According to The New York Times, the “Intelli-Diet takes a different approach to healthy eating” and CNET.com listed it as “a rising star among diet apps.”

The Intelli-Diet is the only app that provides a personalized eating plan based on the person’s food preferences and what’s in his or her fridge.

If you want to lose weight, simply tell the app about your body, your goals, what food you like, and it tells you what to eat and how much to eat. It thinks, you eat!

The app has been downloaded in 25 countries across the world, helping people from all over the world lead healthier lives. It has also risen to a Top 10 app in its category, placing it in the top 0.1% of all iPhone applications released to date.

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  • Features an innovative way of losing weight
  • Combines popular technology with weight loss
  • Can be accessed anywhere
  • Must have a smart phone to use the program
  • Lacks an exercise component
  • Does not provide recipes
  • Only provides basic or generic foods, so calories in prepared foods may be off

While using the Intelli-Diet, you have access to a wide variety of weight loss and health tools that are personalized to your health goals.

The intelli-Diet allows you to do the following:

  • Sets up a daily personalized healthy eating plan based on the foods you like
  • Maps out meals for the following week and considers foods you have in stock
  • Allows for incredible meal variety by permitting foods to be exchanged for others
  • Records weight loss progress and allows posting of success through social media
  • Triggers meal reminders, generates grocery lists, and offers many other features

By telling the Intelli Diet app some basic information, like your weight, height, age and sex, you then choose whether you are looking to lose weight or maintain. From there, you set the rate of your weight loss from a half pound each week to two pounds, select your food preferences and you're good to go. The app gives you a daily menu that considers your weight loss goals and basic health information. If you don't like the menu it gives you, simply hit "refresh" and a new one will be provided.

Foods in the Intelli Diet are categorized according to macro nutrients, like carbs, proteins and fats. The app does not include recipes, just generic ingredients and healthy items also, so a cookie or ice cream sundae won't be showing up on your menu.


At this time, there is no exercise component to the Intelli Diet.


The world of dieting is keeping up with the ever evolving world of technology and apps. And the Intelli Diet is a trailblazing app that customizes a menu plan based upon not just your food preferences but also on your health goals.

If you're glued to your smart phone as tightly as you are glued to a bag of potato chips or Twix candy bar, you're in luck. Not only does the Intelli Diet meet your tech side, but it also doesn't allow for unhealthy foods on its customized daily menu plans. Just make sure you have an exercise plan in place as the Intelli Diet does not yet have a fitness component.

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Thank you for this post Connor. It was great working with you and all the students in Sacramento.I encourage you to add screen shot of your app and also link to it (if that is ready).

posted Mar 15th, 2014 10:39 am



I LOVE this app. I already lost 12 pounds using it!!

posted Dec 10th, 2010 2:52 am


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