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Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

Make peace with food and allow yourself to reach the ideal weight for your body.

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Intuitive Eating is a book written by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch that offers a revolutionary weight loss program that works. This book shows you how to make peace with food, free yourself from chronic dieting and reach the weight that naturally fits your body. The Intuitive Eating approach to health allows you to tap into the cues your body is giving you rather than focusing on a set of rules that cause you to ignore it. You can finally have a safe and healthy relationship with food and learn how to stop fueling your feelings with food. Tribole and Resch are both prominent nutritionists practicing in California.

Intuitive Eating will examine things like how to reject the diet mentality, how our three eating personalities define our eating difficulties and how to honor hunger and fullness. There is also information that can help you recover from an eating disorder.

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  • Program based on 10 principles
  • Written by two professional nutritionists
  • Can end the dieting cycle once and for all
  • Discusses emotional eating
  • Helps you figure out what type of eater you are
  • Includes info on nutrition and exercise
  • Helps you move away from the endless diet cycle
  • None to speak of

Intuitive Eating focuses on teaching you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind and body. You will become the expert on your own body and learn how to tell the difference between physical and emotional feelings. You will also learn how to make peace with food through Intuitive Eating so that you no longer worry about certain foods or label them bad or fattening. There are 10 major principles involved with Intuitive Eating that will help you make these changes. The 10 principles of the program include:

  • Reject the Diet Mentality
  • Honor Your Hunger
  • Make Peace with Food
  • Challenge the Food Police
  • Respect Your Fullness
  • Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food
  • Discover the Satisfaction Factor
  • Respect Your Body
  • Exercise – Feel the Difference
  • Honor Your Health

You don’t have to eat a perfect diet to be healthy. Intuitive Eating shows you how to make food choices that honor your overall health and taste buds while making you feel well. Consistency over time is what matters and as long as you are making progress, you are moving in the right direction. One of the keys to Intuitive Eating is to stop fighting with food and thoughts of good versus bad foods. This type of thinking keeps you feeling guilty for giving in and eating a forbidden food which fuels overwhelming guilt and overeating. This program is not focused on giving you a list of forbidden foods. Instead it focuses on changing your relationship with food.


Intuitive Eating doesn’t require that you engage in some intense and unrealistic exercise regimen. Instead you are encouraged to get active so that you can feel a difference in your body. Pay attention to how it feels to move your body instead of how many calories you are burning. When you focus on the feelings you get from exercise, like the boost in energy, you will find that you are more anxious to complete that workout. If you focus on losing weight as your motivation for completing a workout, you are a lot less likely to be motivated to complete it. The types of workouts you do are completely up to you. Find something you enjoy doing so that you are more likely to stick with it.


Intuitive Eating offers a program unlike most diets. This book doesn’t seek to deprive you, but to empower you by helping you focus on making healthy choices. Through nutritious eating, a healthy mental attitude toward food and exercise, you can finally reach the proper weight for your body and stop feeling guilty about food.

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I have been working on this for a few months. I really like it because I've had such a messed up relationship with food in the past. At first, I was doing well with only eating when I was actually hungry, but I still had a hard time stopping when I was satisfied and would eat until I was stuffed. However, as time went on I got better at stopping. Now I am doing well and have started losing weight, about five pounds so far. I don't feel totally over my food issues yet, of course, but I do feel like I will eventually be a "normal" eater one day.

posted Dec 14th, 2014 3:28 pm



I've been practicing the principles of IE for about a month. It's a wonderful concept, but it's one that you must master. And that takes awhile. Specifically, you need to re-discover what REAL hunger is - an ability that many people (including myself) have lost due to constant dieting. However, the freedom to not only eat what you really want but to also learn how to truly enjoy what you're eating -WITH NO GUILT - is truly liberating. Oh, and I am losing weight in the process.

posted Mar 15th, 2013 4:32 am


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