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Japanese Lingzhi

Japanese Lingzhi

May contain a dangerous stimulant drug, per the FDA.

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Japan Lingzhi is a kind of mushroom that is referred to as the “herb of spiritual potency” because of its presumed health benefits and few side effects. But recently, the FDA has put out a warning for diet supplements that contain this substance. While lingzhi itself may offer a host of health benefits, when used as a diet supplement, it also often contains the stimulant sibutramine, an appetite suppressant that acts in a similar way to amphetamines.

Japan Lingzhi diet supplements may come in an array of different products. Some of the more popular are the 2 Day Diet or the 2 Day Diet Japanese Linghzi. Lingzhi may also be referred to as Japanese Reishi. These products have been warned for use by the FDA because of their potential to cause heart problems, heart attacks and stroke.

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  • None to speak of
  • Dangerous side effects associated with diet pill products containing lingzhi
  • FDA warning
  • Any weight loss will be short lived

The ingredients of a product containing Lingzhi will vary. But keep in mind that the ingredient listing of foreign diet products is not always accurate so you don’t know exactly what you are ingesting.


Dosage instructions will vary according to the product. Lingzhi products come in capsule and tea forms.


There are typically no diet or exercise recommendations given while taking Lingzhi-containing diet products.


Lingzhi is a kind of mushroom that may offer significant health benefits. But unfortunately, diet products that often contain lingzhi, also contain sibutramine, a dangerous stimulant that has been cited by the FDA for its potential to induce serious and sometimes fatal side effects.

Since the product’s label may not contain the exact ingredients contained in it, it is important to avoid these products all together and instead talk to your doctor about a healthy and safe weight loss plan.

Common MisspellingsCommon Misspellings

Japan Linghzi, Lingzi, Lingshi, Lingzee, Reishi, Rieshi, Lengzhi, Japanese Reishi, 2 Day Diet

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i started the pills about 3 weeks ago and at first all i had was the dry mouth which happens with most diet pills so i thought everything was fine.. ive lost 11 lbs so far and that great but .. i have started to have other side effects that worry me.. such as i literally messed my pants last night with no warning until it was too late.. and if that wasnt bad enough i constantly feel like i have something either stuck in my throat or like i want to throw up.. because these symptoms did not start at the very beginning im not sure if im actually sick or if its the pills.. i was wondering if anybody else was feeling similar things.. and if so well then i would stop taking them because messing my pants is not something i would like to happen again

posted Jun 10th, 2013 8:01 pm



i'm losing weight. it works for me with no side effects

posted Mar 25th, 2013 4:48 am

Sophee P.


I did the diet in march, lost about 15 pounds. Kept it off. I dont have any thing terrible to say about this drug. Its helped. I did experience DRY MOUTH after a week and a half as a side effect however. If you have never had dry mouth its really uncomfortable, but it will go away i want to say a week after you finish the pills. Sooo No biggy... =)

posted Jun 25th, 2012 7:47 pm


I've never had health problems prior to being on the 2 day ling zhi diet. I took it for about 2 months straight. I lost weight rapidly (went from 141lbs to 118 in 2 months). I looked unhealthy, but I was thrilled that the pills worked. One day while at work, I experienced something that Id never experienced before...what I have now learned was a panic attack, was the single most frightening thing I had ever endured in all my life. I couldn't catch my breath. I felt intense confusion. I felt like if I didn't get up and leave, that I might just die. I ran to the restroom and sat in a stall for 20 minutes and tried to calm down and breathe deeply. I was eventually able to return to a normal physical and mental state, but I knew that I didn't want to feel that level of lack of control ever again.
I stopped taking the ling zhi pills and I gained my weight back (of course) in a few months, but I was ok with it. I vowed I'd lose weight by legitimate means moving forward. For months I was fine. I went to work, had my few cups of coffee a day, and dealt with some stressful personal as well as stressful work situations for a while. Until one night I couldn't get to bed. I felt numbness and tingling in my left arm followed by a tight feeling, then it traveled to the left side of my face and down towards my legs. I freaked out , got up and started pacing around the bedroom while trying to shake it off. Horrible thoughts overcame me and it just aggravated that sensation. My fiancé took me to the ER (thank goodness I just got health coverage through my work or else I would've been majorly screwed). They did an EKG, monitored me for a while, then did an MRI of my brain and everything came out normal. They wrote it off as stress and anxiety.
Like I said before, I never had any of these problems prior to taking the 2 day diet. I still experience these symptoms. I just had another attack today while I was driving home and that's what prompted me to write this review. I am a 30 year old woman. I have a 7 year old daughter, a fiancé, a job, and all the responsibilities that come along with that. I wouldn't say that I have any more stressors than the average person. These attacks happen without any warning and I get the same symptoms I did from the day it started...while I was on the 2 day diet. I wish I had never put those pills in my mouth. I'm certain I wouldn't have random panic attacks or heart palpitations that are so bad that they cause me to cough.
Just wanted to share my story with any of you out there that have the same problems or are considering taking these pills. It's not worth compromising your health.

posted Apr 23rd, 2012 6:37 am


bonjour, pouvez vous me donner la posologie exacte à prendre ? on m'a dit de prendre 2 gélules 4fois par jour . est ce le bon dosage ? merci d'avance

posted Oct 10th, 2011 8:05 am



My blood pressure is very very high and head aches like a migraine. Definitely not good. Sort of like that ephedrine.

posted Oct 5th, 2011 7:12 pm


ive been taking the 2day diet for five days. i exercise 3-4 times out of the week, and i eat normally, but since i started taking this, ive gained weight!!?? i started taking it when i was 140, and now i am 145!! i have not been at this weight for about 5 years!!! anyone know why this is??

posted Feb 10th, 2011 4:12 pm


I have been on 2 day diet since 1 DEC. Should i be noticing effects? the first day i was thirsty and the second day i noticed my appetite suppressed but nothing yesterday and nothing today. Help!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I have read so many success stories in a short period of time but im not seeing it with me. My order came from Hong Kong and my barcode ends with 5###. Please help!

posted Dec 4th, 2010 10:05 am



posted Nov 27th, 2010 2:20 pm



2 Day Supreme is the Best Weight loss pill, I lost 22 lbs in 2 months, it has japan lingzhi and green tea, it has no side effect, except Energy, it is the Best for my husband too, Dont buy the old 2 day diet, the 2 Day Supreme is better, I told my co worker and they all said they love it, It is the Best..

posted Nov 8th, 2010 12:12 am



you need to be very carefull about this product the original one is japanese, no chinese!
its important that you get the real one is the only one that really works.
its called yunnan edition
so be sur that you google 2 day diet yunnan edition.
it make you thirsty all day and you no hungry at all.
I have more energy, but you need to take it as earliers possible or you woun't sleep.

posted Oct 23rd, 2010 1:30 pm


I have Only Used the 2 Day Supreme, I have lost 18 lbs, it is hard to find only 2 site sell it, it is FDA Registered products, and Burn fat with no side effects, it has given me energy and fat loss around my stomach, it is madie in USA, but this is Better than 2daydiet, because you lose faster and I see my hair grow,and my skin looks Great, This is my comment Do not Buy 2day diet, But Just buy the 2 day Supreme Diet, it is the Best

posted Aug 22nd, 2010 1:50 am

Linda Prather

I have used this product now for 2 weeks and have lost 6 pounds by simply eating only when I feel hungry...it seems to suppress the anxiety to eat...no side effects so far except calm and drinking more water...I feel terrific

posted Jul 26th, 2010 4:05 pm



I lost 14 lbs in 3 months, I am 5'6 and I weigh 120, I have not weighed that since I was a teen. I have been lifting weights and doing cardio and I feel great..
I have absolutely no side effects, I sleep fine and dont get shaky unless I dont eat but that is the way I have always been. I thought maybe they were just a placebo and I was just working very hard.
I am a little scared now as I do not like to put things like that in my body. I do love them and it sucks because now I cannot take them any longer

posted Jul 23rd, 2010 1:25 pm

amor aquino

i ordered this product last march,[email protected] really good coz i lost weight a little bit ,improves my skin and sleeping pattern,/got extra energy as well but everytime i took this capsule i feel cold and my skin looks mottled,my cousin said i'm having hypermetabolism.Itook it for another weeks but still the same so i stopped it.

posted May 24th, 2010 11:49 am



Be careful with this product. I had really bad side effects, painful headaches, fainted, short attention spam, nausea, stomach bloated, constipation, fast heart rate and difficulty breathing. I advise no-one to buy this. Your life is worth more than deadly lingzhi diet pills.

posted Apr 16th, 2010 6:50 pm


I wasnt sure about leaving my comment , but it can be helpful for someone, i really im scared of my side effects, masive headahes, fast heart beating, pain on my chest and my back and i feel shaky, i dont want 2know aboout this pills ever in my life, i feel very sick and i am very scare, and i forgot to mention that i feel like throwing up too, the reason why im reading this reviews is to see is someone else is going through da same thing im going..believe me this is true, im christian and i would not post somethin thas is not true....right now im on my bed feeling really sick,...

posted Apr 3rd, 2010 9:25 pm

Eddie Mata


I USE TO BE 286LBS AND IN THREE months i lost a 25 lbs and i feel happy with the that mean pounds lost.

posted Dec 7th, 2009 2:31 pm


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