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Kosher Diet

Kosher Diet

A way of eating that ascribes to Jewish dietary laws.

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The Kosher Diet is a way of eating that ascribes to Jewish dietary rules that were first put forth in the Torah. The various rules of Kosher eating are derived from religious, philosophical, hygienic, ritualistic or practical reasons.

The degree by which a person follows a Kosher Diet depends on how strong their religious devotion is to the season, as certain Jewish holidays demand Kosher eating.

On the packaging of many foods, you can determine if a food is Kosher or not by looking for a few different symbols, including a circled letter "U," a "K" inside a star, the single or circled letter "K," the label "Pareve," or simply the letter "P."

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  • Kosher Diet can be very healthy
  • Eating for religious reasons may impart a more meaningful relationship to food choices and meal times
  • Certain sects of Judaism offer leniency in how strictly or loosely an individual can adhere to Kosher eating
  • Rules may be confusing to follow
  • Some sects criticize rules for being too strict
  • Kosher Diet may be strongly enforced by certain religious sects
  • Labels on food packages may not always be clear to read or understand

The Kosher Diet sets specific guidelines for what kinds of foods can be consumed and in what combination.

The Kosher Diet rules includes the following criteria:

  • Animals that chew their food and have cloven hooves are considered Kosher. Such mammals are cow, goat, sheep, giraffe, antelope, deer and pronghorn

  • Fish must have fins and scales in order to be Kosher, therefore shellfish cannot be consumed

  • Seaweed, fruits and vegetables can be consumed as long as they are devoid of insects

  • Duck, goose, turkey and chicken are allowed

  • Eggs can be consumed as long as they are from a Kosher-raised bird

  • Dairy is considered Kosher as long as the animal it comes from is also Kosher

  • Unprocessed or unleavened grains and cereals are considered Kosher

  • Honey and cheese made with vegetable-based enzymes can also be consumed

  • Meat and fowl must be slaughtered according to certain Kosher standards

  • Meat and milk cannot be eaten at the same time, nor can fish be combined with milk

  • Fish and meat cannot be placed on the same plate together

  • Separate utensils and serving dishes should be kept for meat, fish and dairy meals


There are no exercise guidelines outlined in the Kosher Diet.


The Kosher Diet is a set of dietary rules and regulations that ascribe to Jewish religious, philosophical and lifestyle laws and beliefs. From the various kinds of foods to eat to proper food combining and preparatory means, the Kosher Diet is followed either strictly or loosely.

The Kosher Diet is not a weight loss diet per se, but its emphasis on fruits and vegetables, fish and its lack of refined sugars, flours and high-fat pork products in combination with its holy reverence of food choices can make it an eating plan that supports healthy eating and a healthy relationship to food.

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