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Lady Gaga Diet

Lady Gaga Diet

Learn the diet secrets of this glam rock super star.

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With the chameleon-like fashion personality of Madonna and a killer dancer's body, singer and boundary-pushing fashionista, Lada Gaga is just as meticulous in her diet as she is with her wardrobe selection.

While on tour, Lady Gaga relies on the dietary and fitness expert tutelage of Harley Pasternek, creator of the 5 Factor Diet. The singer is a devoted follower of this healthy and clean eating regimen where foods, ingredients, meals and workout routines are all done in the theme of fives.

Subsisting on a diet of vegetables, salads, fish and an occasional bowl of pasta on Sundays, Lada Gaga is truly a healthy glam rock pop star.

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  • Follows a healthy diet and exercise routine
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  • Follows a well-recognized and practical diet and exercise plan
  • Has a thin but not unrealistically skinny physique
  • Singer has been criticized for being too thin by some media outlets
  • Singer has been criticized for wearing too risque clothing
  • Recent collapses on stage have fueled concern over the singer's health

Lady Gaga's 5 Factor Diet plan is comprised of three meals and two snacks a day. Each meal or snack contains a balance of lean proteins, fiber, healthy carbs and healthy fats.

The singer has attested to packing her luggage full of 5 Factor energy bars, smoothies and chips, all of which were created by Harley Pasternak, the mastermind of the popular diet plan.

She allows herself one cheat day a week, which is recommended on the diet, and usually indulges in some pasta for a comfort food fix. In addition, she avoids bread and sugar.

What Lady Gaga eats might look like this:

  • Breakfast: Apple cinnamon oatmeal frittata
  • Snack: Cottage cheese and an apple
  • Lunch: Curried chicken salad
  • Snack: Brown rice cake with a slice of vegetarian salami or celery with nonfat cream cheese and pickle wrapped in turkey pastrami
  • Dinner: Lemon salmon, quinoa and a green salad

Pasternak's workout consists of a daily 25-minute session combining strength and cardio.

Lady Gaga rocks those amazing abs with tons of special crunches that Pasternak has devised for her. Her ab routine first starts with a basic crunch, then transforms into a reverse crunch working her lateral ab muscles and finally finishes with a double crunch, in which you lift both ends of your body toward your center at the same time.

Two days off from exercise each week are allowed on the 5 Factor Fitness plan.


Lady Gaga turns heads not just because of her bizarre attire but also because of her petite and strong body. While she has a reputation for being on the eclectic side, when it comes to her diet, she relies on the regimented routine of the 5 Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak, a diet and exercise program where everything is simplified along five weight loss keys.

It's always refreshing and encouraging to see a celebrity who takes her health as seriously as she does her art. Even though Lady Gaga raises a few eyebrows, she rocks a predominantly healthy lifestyle as well as a powerful voice.

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