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A lifestyle approach for controlling weight loss in 16 lessons.

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LEARN is a lifestyle behavior-change weight loss program that is designed to meet your health goals with your own personal lifestyle in mind. LEARN is an acronym that stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitudes, Relationships, and Nutrition. These five basic components are the building blocks for creating a life-long approach to healthy living.

This do-it-yourself weight loss program features 16 weekly lessons that cover the five precepts of the LEARN program. These lessons are then followed by eight monthly lessons and one concluding lesson. Certified LEARN instructors can be found around the country or you can do the program on your own by following the LEARN manual and guidebook.

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  • Covers all aspects of weight control and eating issues
  • Can be self-taught
  • Provides an effective solution for long-term weight loss
  • Not a quick solution to weight loss
  • Requires commitment and dedication

With the LEARN program, you will first learn how to identify your health risks. From binge eating and calculating your Body Mass Index to determining your readiness and willingness to lose weight, these filter exercises provide you with an in-depth understanding of your own food issues and your current health status.

Over the course of the lessons you will learn how to deal with situations when there is pressure to eat, how to use the Food Guide Pyramid, how to deal with eating away from home, and how your attitude can affect your weight loss.


The LEARN program teaches why exercise is important for both physical and mental well being and how it can assist in meeting your weight loss goals. In your lessons, you will learn tricks for how to stay motivated and how to incorporate physical activity into your busy schedule. Some sort of exercise or physical activity is recommended on most days of the week.


A well-respected and effective long-term solution to weight loss, the LEARN program is a comprehensive journey that assists you in achieving your weight loss goals. Designed by Kelly D. Brownell, Ph.D., the LEARN program can be taught via certified LEARN instructors or on your own through the manual and information book.

If you are willing to commit to truly changing your life and forever altering your relationship with food and your body then the LEARN program might just be for you.

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Julie Wild


I did the program and lost 36 pounds in 7 weeks..but it is not good to lose that fast. But the program was great because it works with what you eat and do every day and it is up to you to chose what to eat and how to work out.. most of my workouts including house and farm work that was awesome!!! Love this program wish I could afford the updated version of it now

posted Jan 3rd, 2016 6:56 pm

connie Zibin

Please let me know how one becomes an instructor and how to get the program.

posted Oct 26th, 2015 10:50 pm



I did not personally do this diet, but my mom did. They had a LEARN instructor at the hospital she works for and they did it as a way for the whole staff to get healthy. My mom lost at least 40 pounds and on a 5'0" body, that is a lot. She learned a lot and has kept the weight off for at least 2 years. And if she feels herself slipping on diet, she goes back to the basics of what she learned. It was truly a life changer for her!

posted Jan 27th, 2011 4:58 pm


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