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Lose weight in Vegas by staying at a live-in bootcamp.

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Live-In-Fitness is a residential weight loss facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility is set up to offer the same type of results that can be achieved by those that go on the show Biggest Loser.

Weight-loss guests can partake in a weekend fitness getaway or commit to 7 90-day programs enabling behavioral change for a fit lifestyle. Debra Stefan is the first to offer a residential fitness and live-in weight loss bootcamp outside of the institutional format. Together they combine over 60 years of professional fitness experience in coaching at their adult weight loss and fitness retreat.

Debra is a fitness speaker/educator, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, Jump rope coach, and master yoga teacher. Her programs have received academic accreditation at UNLV, as well as professional education.

During your stay you will live with Debra in her 3700 square foot personal live-in bootcamp residence in a private guard-gated golf community in Henderson, Nevada. Throughout your time there, you will learn everything you need to know about living a healthy life, including how to cook and prepare your own healthy meals, how to hold your own at the gym and how replace those unhealthy habits with ones that will support your weight loss goals today and tomorrow.

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  • Less expensive than other live-in bootcamp facilities
  • Provides one-on-one training
  • Live-in bootcamp environment to give you instant results
  • Focuses on nutrition and exercise for weight loss results
  • Not forced into a group setting
  • Several success stories available
  • Fitness training sessions conducted by founder of the program
  • Food program follows the Body-for-LIFE way of eating
  • Fitness bootcamps are not an option everyone can afford
  • Difficult to leave job or family to commit to 30 days at the facility
  • Only one location
  • Possible for participants to relapse once they are back in their old environment

Upon your arrival, you will meet with Debra and create a detailed residential weight loss plan. This consultation involves recording your current health status as well as assessing where you want and need to be to reach your health goals.

The Live in Fitness eating plan promotes fat loss and follows the Body-for-LIFE philosophy made famous by Bill Phillips, but it is structured around an 8-week program rather than a 12-week eating plan.

You eat five to six times per day and are taught how to fix your own meals. Every day, you will follow-up with Debra to ensure that you are on track with your eating goals, ask her any questions and measure your progress.

During your stay, Debra and her team of nutrition experts will cover all the basics about healthy eating and apply this knowledge in the real-life setting by taking you to the grocery store to shop for healthy foods, showing you how to cook healthy meals using low-fat cooking techniques via cooking demonstrations, teaching you how to dine out in a way that fits within your nutrition plans. You will also learn about the importance of eating with a sense of mindfulness.

You will also keep a daily journal, which will help you stay accountable to your diet goals while also tracking your progress, thoughts and emotions, devise meal plans and learn about the healthy foods you can eat to lose weight, improve your energy or build lean muscle mass.

Each meal plan is customized for each resident guest. No plan is identical to another.


Las Vegas Live In Fitness is a live-in weight loss retreat and residential bootcamp that allows you to lose weight and get in shape in a controlled environment with around-the-clock supervision.

During your time at Las Vegas Live In Fitness, you can expect to workout five to seven hours a day, doing a combination of exercise forms in a variety of settings.

Weight training includes the Body-for-LIFE method, as well as core strength and body balance training. From indoor weight workouts to outdoor off-site fitness excursions, the regimen teaches fun activities and healthy alternatives. Fitness will include activities like one-on-one personal training sessions, outdoor workouts, hikes, bike rides, swimming, and kayaking on Lake Mead.

When you leave, you are guaranteed to have the fitness knowledge that will give you the confidence to walk into any gym and re-create the same effective workouts that you did while visiting Las Vegas Live in Fitness.


Many people have watched weight loss reality shows like the Biggest Loser and longed for those dramatic results. Getting selected for any reality show is difficult, especially a popular show like Biggest Loser that offers great health benefits.

But places like Debra Stefan's Live-In-Fitness offers the same type of bootcamp environment as the show, without having to hope you will be selected. With this program, you are guaranteed a spot as long as you have the money to pay for your stay.

No stone is left unturned during your stay as Debra and her expert staff teach you the basics of how to lose weight, how to exercise smartly and how to practice healthy behaviors in the real-life world.

If you find a strategy to maintain the work that begins at Live In Fitness, your stay can be a life-changing experience.

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I was at LIF from 4/30 - 5/28 and it was a waste of money. I had a horrible experience. This place is misrepresenting what they can do, they are false advertising. Any reviews before 4/21/17 is at their old location. The current location was opened the last week for April 2017. I purchased a Gold package like many other, just to be told the services was not offered at the Cali. location. I asked for a refund for only the package ($1,500), not the week, and was denied.

This is only a brief overview of the service. Don't pick this camp try someone else. I only stayed because they refuse to refund any weeks I purchased. In total, was taken advantage of and loss out of $10K+.

Cold food, crammed in a conference room to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Owners cooking food in the hallway of the conference, with no gloves, plates sitting on the counters for anyone to breath, spit, or anything to the food. Note, the conference room is next to the main lobby where the apartment complex conducts their business. The food was the same very often; however, we never could get a menu list of what was in the food even though it was requested multiple times.

Room Accommodations:
The Room accommodations were chaotic and not scheduled as purchased. They also promised to clean the rooms weekly which was more like every 10 or 12 days and the room was half cleaned, when it was cleaned.

Workouts & Gyms:
The gym was all old equipment torn up, we were also kicked out of several gyms. The training was sup par, trainers we're not talking to each-other about the training they were doing in the different classes, they did not have the right equipment or the right areas to truly give full workouts. We had to work outside on benches where the homeless congregated and stayed, we had to lay in grass where dogs pooped.

posted Jul 26th, 2017 3:40 pm



Debra teaches you how to take the pounds off and keep them off

posted Jun 3rd, 2014 4:24 pm



I hired Debra over 20 years ago to help me stay in shape and prevent injuries as a firefighter. Now that I am retired I recently hired her again. I am impressed with the advances she has made keeping up with the latest in the fitness industry. Her beautiful home setting offers wider variety of equipment and exercises than a gym. We have trained with jump ropes yoga and weightlifting both indoors and outdoors. We have also worked out on bikes using the various trails starting right behind her house. Working out with the variety she offers has made it quite fun.

posted May 20th, 2014 7:44 pm

John S

When I met Debra I never thought I'd be in shape, much less athletic again. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't play golf properly, it was an effort to get up out of bed in the morning or even bend over to tie my shoes. Debra changed my life. She is a supportive, inspiring coach, mentor and teacher. There are a variety of exercises and routines to follow. If one routine doesn't work for a client she finds another one to do that makes the same impact. She is there the whole time - a real 24/7 teacher and coach. She inspires you so much with her passion to make you achieve your goals, in my case, I couldn't help but succeed. And she reminded me about what I forgot from my parents years ago about nutrition. If you do a lot of business travel you don't keep a regime about what you eat. Debra gives you boundaries as what you can and should eat, even if you are on a busy schedule. This isn't just a week, two or three course. Debra gives you lessons on how you should exercise, eat and live that are sustainable, and not just the latest exercise / diet fad. I recommend her highly.

posted Jan 4th, 2013 4:30 am

tony j

I'm male, over 50 and stopped exercise and dieting two years ago. I was looking around the web for a trainer, went to Vegas on business and found Debra... and the rest is history! She took me on for a short stay. Debra is a pro's pro - she is your teammate and coach, knows how to encourage and how to motivate you when you are tired. Also her diet advice is another thing you can take home with you and use. Great lady, great environment.

posted Dec 8th, 2011 4:13 pm

tony j

I am over 50 and been out of shape (no diet or exercise) for more than two years. I was in Vegas on business, did some research and found Debra. What a pro! She is a skillful blend of encouragement and a taskmaster. She is with you all the way, knowing your limits and pushing them for progress. And her diet advice can be (and has been) taken home by me with great results. Thank you Debra!

posted Dec 7th, 2011 8:32 pm

Al Olsen

I traveled 3000 miles from Boston left my family in charge of my business to seek the help I so desperatley needed. Joining the Live In Fitness family has set the stage for a lifestyle I truly belive will extend the fun years of mylife beyond whatI caould ever imagine. Debra has tought us balance, nutirition, and progression fitness and weight training that has no end. The goal is life long fitness and enjoying the feeling of wellness and good health. Thank You Debra Stefan I finally found sucess.

posted Oct 14th, 2011 12:18 pm



I have been in the live-in-fitness for three months.

My fitness and weightloss has far exceeded my expectations. My main consideration was being able to lose weight without sacrificing muscle. I have managed to put a lot of muscle size and strength while maintaining steedy weight lost each week.

The activities are varied and cater to your own personal needs and interests.

I still have quite a bit of weight still to lose but my fitness is at such a high level that there aren't any activities I can't get invloved in going forward. It has given me an exceptional kick start and all the tools I need to complete my weightloss goals.

posted Oct 14th, 2011 8:27 am

Gene Hayes


Simply put Live In Fitness is state of the art

posted Oct 9th, 2011 12:22 pm


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