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Losing Weight the Jabez Way

Losing Weight the Jabez Way

Can you achieve lasting weight loss based on a biblical prayer?

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Weight Loss the Jabez Way: 7 Keys to Adding Years to Your Life is a book written by Dr. Scott Conard. This book is written for those who have been struggling with weight loss for years and are seeking religious or spiritual motivation to help them reach their health goals.

Constantly losing weight and gaining it back is something that many people have experienced. Weight Loss the Jabez Way will help you end that cycle and lose weight for good. The book is based on the teachings of Jabez, a descendant from Judah. This method of weight loss applies seven powerful principles that allow you to lose weight and live a healthy and vibrant life.

The book is full of open-minded principles that will help those who are overweight and obese. Weight Loss the Jabez Way is designed to show you the specific plan that Dr. Conard believes God has designed for your specific age, genetic code, hormone level, metabolic rate, body shape and your place in life.

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  • Claims to end yo-yo dieting effect
  • Gives methods to add years to your life
  • Works for those who are overweight and obese
  • No mention of if there is an exercise plan included
  • Biblical references may turn some away
  • Little to no information available on the author

Weight Loss the Jabez Way talks about the seven principles needed to lose weight and live a healthy life. However, you are unable to know what those principles are until you actually purchase the book. There is no insight to what you would be eating on this program or the types of foods involved. The plan is based on some specifics of your body like your metabolic rate, age, body shape and hormonal level.


In overviews of the book there is no mention of an exercise plan. Although exercise is commonly included with other weight loss plans, the assumption cannot be made that it is included with Weight Loss the Jabez Way.


Weight Loss the Jabez Way offers a religious motive to help you lose weight. The teachings of Jabez, a descendant of Judah are reformulated by Dr. Scott Conrad in a way that is intended to help you lose weight by connecting to God.

For those who are easily turned-off by religion, you probably want to look elsewhere for a plan to lose weight but for those of you are interested in the teachings of Jabez and need a spiritual or religious intention to help you fulfill your health goals, then perhaps Weight Loss The Jabez Way is just the inspiration are seeking.

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I bought the book..It told me to go to this site for my complemintry TROUBLE report..It offers nothing on thw web but to buy the book, which I have already done..where are the recipes ..The IBM scale ect?! This is ridculous. !!

posted Oct 29th, 2011 9:43 am


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