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A deliciously exotic source of nutrients and antioxidants.

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Mangosteen is one of the more popular tropical fruits to have made headlines in the past few years. Mangosteen, native to the Indonesian region, grows on tropical evergreen trees which produce a deep purple fruit that yields a sweet, citrusy and peach-twinged taste and texture. Mangosteen is not related to, nor does it taste like, a mango despite its similar name.

It has been heralded as a super food because of its rich nutrient profile, high antioxidant content and potential ability to prevent diseases and conditions. Mangosteen contains very high quantities of the antioxidant xanthone, which inspired the name of the popular drink XanGo, one product that contains mangosteen pulp. Mangosteen can be consumed as a juice, whole or dried fruit form. It also offers anti-inflammatory effects that may help to improve skin conditions and muscle aches.

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  • Mangosteen is an exceptionally healthy fruit
  • Mangosteen products are available in the U.S.
  • Has important health benefits
  • Various forms of mangosteen may not contain the same health properties
  • Mangosteen supplements may make exaggerated health claims
  • No current research shows that mangosteen supports weight loss
  • May interact with blood-thinning drugs
  • May cause sedation when consumed in excess

Mangosteen products will vary according to their ingredients. Juices may contain other fruit juices, sweeteners or other supplements.


The dosage instruction varies for each mangosteen product. It is important to follow them in order to ensure product safety and effectiveness.


Despite many mangosteen supplement claims, there is no data to support that this tropical fruit will facilitate weight loss or prevent cancer. Even though mangosteen contains large amounts of the antioxidant xanthone, so do many other fruits and herbs. Mangosteen, when consumed in moderate levels, can help to support a healthy lifestyle.


No relation to the fruit mango, mangosteen is a tropical super food that can now be found in scores of pure and supplemental products, drinks and snacks. Mangosteen has a high quantity of antioxidants as well as several anti-inflammatory properties. But unfortunately, many manufacturers who have created mangosteen products have also extolled exaggerated health claims in an effort to spur sales. Some health and nutrition experts feel that such products offer no real additional health benefit than other less expensive fruit juices and fruit products.

Common MisspellingsCommon Misspellings

Mangostein, Mango Steen, Mangosteam, Mangosteem, Manjosteen, Mangostean, mangasteem

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most amazing response from mangosteen after years of dealing with lupus without much relief
I finally had energy & no pain (after 50 oz in a weekend)
now I just drink it for maintenance

posted Feb 9th, 2015 3:50 pm


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