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Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula

Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula

A change of lifestyle designed for everyone.

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Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula focuses on the importance of natural enzyme supplements.

Recognizing that all humans are different and that there is no one specific diet that fulfills everyone's needs, this book teaches you to create your own elimination-style diet based upon testing and charting your own meals using the authors' suggestions.

The book helps to identify food intolerances, allergies and eliminate toxic ingredients while creating a safe list of foods specific to you. Included are breakdowns of foods, menus and charts that show how food affects your pH balance and helps you prevent illness or curb symptoms of your existing health conditions.

Plus the book cites and references more than 1,500 medical treatises, journals, surveys, tests and periodicals supporting the facts and principles outlined in the program.

Written by Emanuel Baring, a cancer survivor with Crohn's Disease, gout and arthritis, Mr. Baring was given two years to live. But after his own research and tutelage, he attributes his nutrition therapy program that he outlines in this book to alleviating his symptoms and saving his life.

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  • Promotes a healthy and nutrient-rich diet
  • Helps you deepen your understanding of how your diet affects your own health
  • Written by an inspirational author who practices the same recommendations he puts forth in his book
  • Promotes a diet that avoids refined ingredients and products
  • Idea of using food to balance pH is not fully supported by the medical community
  • Not written by a health professional
  • Targeted to those with specific health conditions
  • Not a clear nutrition plan

Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula is a comprehensive health book that helps you determine which foods your body should eat, and which foods it should stay away from.

Foods are divided along their acidic and alkaline base. While the nutrition plan will vary according to individual, in general, you are encouraged to eat a natural, organic and additive-free diet.


There are no exercise recommendations provided.


Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula is a comprehensive health book that breaks down some of the most common foods in the American diet and tells you what is in them, the science behind them and whether or not you can safely eat them or seek out alternatives.

While author Emanuel Barling's story is inspiring and the information he presents in his book is very impressive, it does not outline a clear diet or nutrition plan and therefore, makes it difficult for someone to simply pick up and follow.

Nonetheless, if you are someone who is suffering from a condition like arthritis, gout, Crohn's disease or any other gastrointestinal condition, Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula might inspire you to take a different approach to your eating style.

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Ashley F. Brooks


I am a Regisitered Nurse. As co-author of Mannie's Diet and Enzyme Formula with Emanuel Barling, Jr. -- I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to review the book. Our books took over 13 years of research and over 3500 references to create the work.

After Mannie's colon cancer surgery in 1997, he ended up with arthritis, gout, crohn's, IBS and IBD. The medication gave him a heart attack. He was in constant severe pain, in and out of a wheelchair and using a cane or walker. Some months he could not get out of bed for weeks. He became morbidly obese and wasn't given much hope.

This eliminatioin style diet we created with enzymes resulted in him returning to a productive life. He lost eighty pounds and has a bounce back in his step. I am grateful for the knowledge and we are happy to share it with others. We also have a non-profit weekly organic podcast to help others www.howtoeliminatepain.com

Thank you, again, for the review

posted Jan 27th, 2011 8:01 pm


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