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Master Wang Total Vitality

Master Wang Total Vitality

A wellness and vegan diet routine followed by Jessica Simpson.

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The Total Vitality Wellness diet and program from San Francisco-based natural and Buddhist healer Master Wang has been popularized by Jessica Simpson, who experimented with the holistic program during a weekend trip to the Medicine Buddha Teahouse and Healing Center in San Francisco.

While the program consists of a variety of holistic healing elements, one characteristic is the regular consumption of a specialized ancient tea called Pu'er tea.

According to Total Vitality, Pu'er tea helps your body become more easily hydrated. The tea also contains all five elements. Metal, wood, and earth elements are inside the tea. Then you add the water, which is heated by fire. All these elements work together to help bring every aspect of you into balance. The fine cells in the tea contain the trace elements your body needs to create total vitality

Pu'er tea is also rich in vitamins and minerals and is used by holistic healers to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, relieve headaches, improve sleep, aid digestion, prevent blockages and detoxify the body.

Pu'er tea is from the Yunnan region of China. There are two general types of Pu'er, shu (black, cooked) and sheng (green, raw). Pu'er teas are fermented teas which are robust, earthy, rich and grounding. The tea can be consumed immediately or it can age for years, where its classification is similar to that of the aging process of wines.

In addition to drinking the specialized tea, meditation, alkalinity, massage, Tai Chi, cupping and a vegan diet are also recommended as part of Master Wang's program. Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing practice of placing heated glass suction cups on the skin in order to "suck out" the body's toxins.

Simpson has been quick to point out that she is not following this program as a way to lose weight, but rather as a way to experience an improved sense of wellness and harmony.

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Very few people knew about the Master Wang Total Vitality until Jessica Simpson took a course at the San Francisco Buddhist Center and extolled the benefits of this holistic, harmonizing program that involves drinking a rare Chinese tea, cupping, Tai Chi and eating a vegan-based diet. In order to experience the benefits, you must visit the center in San Francisco and attend a five-day, three-month or year-long course.

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  • Tea has numerous health benefits
  • Vegan diet has broad health benefits
  • Program may contribute to overall sense of positive wellness
  • Should not be used as a quick weight-loss fix
  • Not a program that is likely to be followed in the long-term
  • Can only follow the program if you visit the center in San Franciso

While on the Master Wang Total Vitality program, regular consumption of Pu'er tea and eating a vegan-based diet are the two hallmark dietary guidelines.

Pu'er tea is not just any ordinary tea bag that you steep in a cup of hot water. Rather, the Pu'er tea when following the program is expertly prepared by one of the masters of the program. In addition, three special vegan meals are prepared daily by a Total Vitality Chef.

Cooking lessons, medicinal tea preparation instructions, and dietary instructions for you own constitution are part of the Master Wang Total Vitality program.

One-year, three-months and a five-day immersion course of the program are offered at the Medicine Buddha Teahouse and Healing Center in San Francisco.


Tai Chi is the recommended form of exercise. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese moving art form in which the practitioner moves his or her body in a series of graceful, gentle and slow movements while breathing deeply.

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