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MizFit: How To Build Muscle and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

MizFit: How To Build Muscle and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

An unapologetic guide to fitness without fitting in

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Carla Birnberg is the woman behind MizFitOnline.com, a fitness website with the motto "because fitness isn't about fitting in." She began her weight loss journey after college, when she shed 35 unneeded pounds. She later got involved with bodybuilding and became a personal trainer. In 2001, Birnberg started blogging, always seeking to be unapologetically herself. She blogs about, among other things, interval training, weight training, her hate of cardio, making workouts playtime, eating gluten-free, and clean eating. This Ebook takes all of the knowledge she's gained over the years and combines it into a guide for those new to fitness and experienced athletes, highlighting her tips for healthy living success.

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  • An easy, conversational format seeking to be very motivational
  • Written by an experienced weight trainer and expert in fitness
  • Discusses the mind/body connection for conquering mental setbacks
  • Uses nonconventional, real-life techniques that may work better if traditional ones have not
  • Focuses on lifelong, sustainable goals
  • MizFit's diet information is based off her opinion and research; she is not a registered dietician or nutritionist
  • Not a prescriptive guide; it's a book of tips and inspiration

The Ebook gives no recipes or specific lists of foods; rather, it focuses on eating in response to your body's needs. MizFit keeps it simple: eat fresh, minimally processed foods, savor each bite, and provide your body with healthy foods so you can daily perform to the best of your ability. She knows that nothing is one size fits all, but her individual preferences are to go gluten-free and to focus on intuitive, or mindful eating.


As with the diet section, MizFit's chapter on exercise is about inspiring readers to a consistent fitness routine instead of detailed exercise routines. The Ebook has sections on why interval training is more effective than traditional workouts, how to begin consistent weight training, and the connection between mind and muscle. There's also instructions on creative ways to workout while playing, like incorporating kickball, badminton, and hopscotch into your and your family's active time.


"How to Build Muscle and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind" is a carefree, fun Ebook chock-full of tips for implementing healthy exercise and eating into your daily life using a "we can do this" approach. It is ideal for anyone who needs motivation to start living a healthier lifestyle or who loves new tips for fitness and diet. On her blog, the author calls it the guide she wishes she had when she first began her path to healthy living. For a reasonable price, MizFit presents a down-to-earth handbook that hopes to impart a consistent, simple guide for her dedicated followers and new readers alike.

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Jody - Fit at 55


I love Carla & all she has to offer! We work out differently & I am not gluten free but we have the same basis & thought process on finding what works right for you & being present & mindful when eating.

posted Dec 26th, 2012 11:29 pm


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