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My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method

My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method

Get ready to personally train with America’s biggest fitness trainer.

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Renowned for helping thousands of individuals achieve astonishing weight-loss success on the Biggest Loser, Bob Harper is finally providing one-on-one access to his Inside Out method of training with his My Trainer Bob Inside-Out Method DVD series, a raw, gritty, workout that combines authentic performance and proven metabolic enhancing techniques that work to drop pounds, lose fat, and deliver your best body inside-out.

“No more excuses, make a decision to change your life - it’s going to be hard work, but with me as your personal trainer you can do it," says Bob, whose brand new DVD series gives viewers a live, uncut look at what it truly takes to get body changing results.

My Trainer Bob is a complete training system that allows anyone whether just a beginner, intermediate or advanced reach their true physical potential. The My Trainer Bob-Inside Out Method series features four distinct titles that include all of the most important fitness disciplines: Cardio conditioning, strength training, yoga and Bob's own personal tips on working out.

Bob’s Inside Out Method is a challenging integration of mind, body, and spiritual fitness that aggressively pushes you mentally and physically further that you have ever gone to reach a greater sense of accomplishment that powers a better body and a better life.

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  • Created by one of the most well-known fitness trainers
  • Four-disc program includes a total body workout
  • Can be done at home
  • Encourages physical as well as mental, spiritual and emotional health as well
  • May tire of workout routines after performing them a few times
  • At-home workouts may not appeal to those who prefer the energy of the gym or workout studio

There is no specific diet or nutrition plan but throughout the DVD series, Bob encourages you to make healthier choices in all areas of your life, including diet, in order to improve your health and overall sense of wellness.


My Trainer Bob contains four DVDs, all with their own focus.

  1. The Pure Burn Super-Strength DVD is one-hour of power surging resistance training set to a dynamic pace, delivering an intensified burn that pushes your body to the limit.

  2. The Body Rev-Cardio Conditioning DVD is one hour of explosive, non-stop drills that get your heart pumping to maximum fat burning capacity.

  3. The Yoga for the Warrior is 60 minutes of performance-testing poses that will push your physical limits, enhancing muscular performance, and flexibility for a more streamlined physique.

  4. The My Work-Out DVD is an exclusive look at the cutting edge routines from Bob’s very own top training regime.

The entire My Trainer Bob Inside-Out Method can be purchased as one package or as individual DVDs.


The approach from the My Trainer Bob Inside-Out Method starts with improving oneself internally, and spreads outwardly, as Bob motivates and inspires, impressing upon you the importance of self-acceptance, helping you realize that the power to change lies within.

It’s about making better choices, accepting life’s challenges, and finding your reward, so you start to feel good about yourself, and change your life.

From toning your muscles to improving your sense of self-worth, this four-DVD program covers all the fundamentals of healthy living.

If you are looking to be inspired by one of the country's most motivational fitness trainers, and start changing your life from the inside-out, then Bob Harper's Inside Out Method is a must-do for you.

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the best workout ever no play

posted May 8th, 2011 7:44 pm



Thanks Dietsinreview....I recently purchased the My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD series...and I couldn't be anymore thrilled...this workout is everything I need....I mean its so intense, so hard, and my body feels completely worked out...I 've been doing them for 2 weeks and have already lost 5 lbs...this is the best dvd I've ever tried...absolutely love Bob and his new system!

posted Jul 19th, 2010 1:54 pm



I absolutely love these DVD's! Thanks for the review...this is really the best fitness DVD that I've purchased.....the workouts are so challenging...its more than anything I can do on my own....I've been doing them now for two weeks and I can already feel my body starting to change. At first I had a lot of difficulty getting through the workouts, but every day I get stronger, and can do more....absolutely best work out ever. Love it!

posted Jul 19th, 2010 1:49 pm


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