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Now Eat This Diet

Now Eat This Diet

Chef Rocco's healthy follow-up to eating foods you love and losing weight.

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If you loved Chef Rocco Dispirito's Now Eat This! cookbook, published in 2010, then you're going to want to sink your teeth in the Now Eat This! Diet, releasing March 2011. This bestselling author is on a mission to prove everyone wrong. The myth he's busting? That healthy food is boring, bland and monotonous and that you have to say farewell to all of your favorites once and for all. That's never been true, and Dispirito proves his point with this exciting follow-up to last year's New York Times bestseller.

In the Now Eat This! Diet, Dispirito shows how making food the center point of your weight loss efforts can help you lose 10 pounds in two weeks. You'll eat six meals a day (that's right, no deprivation), all made of food you actually want to eat. The proof? Chef Rocco himself. After a stint as a guest chef on Biggest Loser, he checked in with himself and got real about his own lifestyle and lost 20 pounds. It's no small feat to cook for Biggest Loser, given their stringent dietary guidelines. Testimonials are generally the best proof, and while his own might be biased, the facts he shares are hard to argue. Dispirito says using the health information in the book, along with this inspired recipes, he's lost weight that helped him cross multiple triathlon finish lines, lower his cholesterol and blood pressure, and "gernally made me a healthier, happier, and more productive person."

What you won't find in Dispirito's recipes are bad carbs, bad fats, and sugar. What you will find is bold flavor and fresh ways to prepare your favorites - like his infamous Flash-Fried Finger-Lickin Chicken. The ingredients and cooking methods he uses will introduce you to an entirely new way of preparing foods, a way that allows you to enjoy everything you want without having to think twice about it. The only catch, it's all so good you'll have to keep yourself from going after seconds!

The Now Eat This! Diet by Chef Rocco Dispirito shares 75 new recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. You'll find a clearly outlined meal plan for each of 14 days, with something new to try each day. Each meal plan includes recipes exclusively from the book, aside from the suggestion for a snack of fresh fruit. You'll hear from Dr. Mehmet Oz, learn how to plan meals, how to fit more (and better) fitness into your day, and how to balance all of it.

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  • Book by a James Bear award-winning chef and New York Times bestselling author
  • Trusted and respected authority in the culinary world
  • Recipes are approachable for the most novice of home cooks
  • Teaches that healthy food doesn't have to be undesirable
  • Provides nutrition facts for each recipe
  • Book is filled with colorful, appetizing images
  • Chef Rocco's personality shines through each page
  • Focuses on a wholly healthy lifestyle
  • Those who feel pressed for time may find cooking daily to be overwhelming
  • Chef Rocco is not a nutrition or fitness expert

In the Now Eat This! Diet by Chef Rocco Dispirito, you'll have an opportunity to look at healthy living in an entirely new way. Baby carrots and grilled chicken for lunch? No way. Instead try a BLT with a double chocolate chip cookie! Now we're talking, right?

The goal of the Now Eat This! Diet is to prove to you that preparing your own foods at home, where you control the ingredients, allows you to enjoy nearly anything you crave; as well as, help you lose 10 pounds in two weeks.

To do this, you'll eat six meals a day totaling a caloric intake of about 1.400 calories. This low-calorie diet is completely reasonable, and the 14 daily meal plans make it accessible, as well. You won't mind preparing the meals from Rocco's plans, they typically don't take too much time, and all the while you'll be learning new ingredients and techniques that will allow you to maintain this style of eating.

Rocco invites you to "eat what you love, and lose weight," an invitation anyone would want to RSVP for. The plan in the Now Eat This! Diet requires three important things:

  • Watching calories
  • Learning to cook
  • Exercising

To accomplish the calorie goal, the recipes are color-coded throughout the book so that you are quickly aware of how much you're eating and can do some fast and simple math to stay within goal. If you're a woman on Rocco's 14-Day Fast-Track Plan, that's 1200 calories, or 1400 on the Lifestyle Plan. If you're a man, that's 1400 calories on the Fast-Track, or 1600 on the Lifestyle. It also helps that none of the 75 calories exceed 450 calories.

To accomplish the cooking goal, Rocco breaks everything down in a way that any novice cook can confidently prepare his dishes, while the more skilled will find it to be a fun, new culinary task. For the novices, he gives some great advice on timing, how to use your sense of taste, staying motivated, budgeting for the groceries, and even how to shop for them.

An example of a day on the Now Eat This! Diet looks like this (recipes in the book for each item):

  • Breakfast: Rocky Road Oatmeal / 327 calories
  • Lunch: Mediterranean Tuna, Bread and Cheese Salad / 278 calories
  • Dinner: Mac and Cheese with Ham and Broccoli / 399 calories
  • Snacks: Coconut Cream Mango Pop, Tangerine, PBJ Cookie / 217 calories

Other healthy yet sinfully delicious recipes you'll find in the Now Eat This! Diet include:

  • Yes, A Cheeseburger
  • Red Velvet Chocolate Square
  • Chicken Pesto Pasta
  • No-Boil Mushroom Lasagna
  • Turkey Dinner with all the Trimmings
  • French Toast a l'Orange
  • Mama's Mini Meat Ball Bites

Finally, Rocco provides an "exercise" recipe to help you meet the fitness goal. He makes burning calories seems as simple as whipping up a batch of low-calorie chocolate chip cookies. Just as the recipes are color-coded, so are the exercises.

For instance, blue recipes are 400 calories. Blue exercises burn 400 calories. So the No-Boil Mushroom Lasagna will have 388 calories, but you can burn that by taking an exercise class or do some low-impact aerobics.

Color-coded red, an oatmeal raisin cookie has 84 calories, which you can effortlessly burn by watering your lawn or doing some gardening.

By completing 3 blue activities, 1 yellow activity, 1 green activity and 1 purple activity (50 calories) during the week, you'll burn 1,750 calories, which equates to half a pound. That's an hour a day to get you on your way to a healthy goal weight.


One of the most exciting chefs of our time has published the second in what is now the Now Eat This! series. The Now Eat This! Diet introduces two weeks' worth of meal plans using Chef Rocco Dispirito's 75 recipes all under 400 calories. He opens the book by saying he is "really sick and tired of hearing that losing weight means eating less, giving up sweets, and exercising your ass off. How much denial can we endure?" He wants to make sure it's not much more.

His realistic approach to fitness, cooking, eating, counting calories, and overall management of a healthy lifestyle is attainable for novice or skilled chefs, single adults or harried heads of families - in other words, this is a book for anyone who eats and wants to better manage their weight.

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