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NutriSystem Nourish

NutriSystem Nourish

NutriSystem teaches you how to prepare healthy meals at home.

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If you’re a carbohydrate-lover, but you need to lose weight, this may be the plan for you. NutriSystem Nourish is a breakthrough weight loss program based on the Glycemic Index that is rich in good carbohydrates while still low in fat. This program was developed by NutriSystem, the weight loss program giant that has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. The NutriSystem Nourish plan is outlined in the book, "NutriSystem Nourish: The Revolutionary New Weight-Loss Program."

In NutriSystem Nourish, you’ll find 28 days of meal plans that will help you lose weight while nourishing your entire self. You can lose weight in three ways:

  1. Follow the meal plan that is provided in the book
  2. Purchase he NutriSystem Nourish prepared meals that are delivered right to your door
  3. Combine the two approaches

The plan also includes an exercise program and a self-discovery and wellness guide. You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds each week while on the NutriSystem Nourish program.

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  • NutriSystem Nourish contains a healthy lifestyle program that has long-term results
  • Promotes an integrative way of living that includes diet, exercise, motivational tools and relaxation techniques
  • Created by the highly successful and well-respected NutriSystem weight loss program
  • Named #4 in the Best Commercial Diets by US News, 2011
  • At-home meal delivery plan can be costly
  • NutriSystem meals are delivered shelf-stable, not fresh or frozen

For those dieters who want to try the NutriSystem program but don’t want to spend the money on the meal delivery service, the NutriSystem Nourish book features 28 days of simple and practical meal plans and 75 delicious recipes. The program emphasizes portion control in addition to eating plenty of low-glycemic carbohydrates, quality proteins and adequate amounts of fat.

If you opt for the NutriSystem Nourish meal delivery program, you will receive 28 days of portion-controlled food that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack/dessert for each day. You can supplement these meals with grocery store items like fruit, vegetables, and low-fat dairy.


NutriSystem Nourish includes four weeks of exercises that combine cardiovascular workouts with strength-training. You will be expected to exercise on most days of the week.


NutriSystem Nourish outlines a comprehensive plan for weight loss that was specifically designed for today’s on-the-go lives. The plan takes into account all aspects of healthy lifestyle behaviors: diet, exercise, mental strategies and emotional well-being. The program can be used by itself via the book or you can purchase the at-home NutriSystem meals that are delivered to your door.

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Joyce Siddiquee


I was happy to see a diet to were you could eat chocolate everyday. when i got the program the food was horrible and bland. don't even get me started on the chocolates. You know there is something wrong when I do not eat the chocolates because I am a chocoaholic

posted Mar 16th, 2010 2:00 pm


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