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Organic Liaison

Organic Liaison

Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison is the first USDA certified organic weight loss program.

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  • Established: 2010
  • Founder: Kirstie Alley
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
  • Accessibility: Online
  • Diet Type: Organic diet supplements
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Kirstie Alley
  • Purchased by Jenny Craig in 2014

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Organic Liaison is Kirstie Alley's weight loss system that is the only certified organic weight loss system. No stranger to the battle of losing the bulge, only to gain it back and then try and lose it again, Kirstie is using her own experience to help individuals who are desperate to lose weight receive all the support they need to reach their weight goals and keep it off.

While *Organic Liaison launched in 2010 with a broad product line, the company was purchased in 2014 and reduced to only a single product -- Organic Liaison Rescue Me. It's billed as an "organic energy elixir" that Kirstie Alley swears by.

The brand also originated with a membership and community program, but those have been done away with, too.

  • Created by someone who has firsthand experience of dieting difficulties
  • Promotes organic and nutritious foods

  • Meal plans and recipes cater to a variety of dietary preferences and weight loss needs

  • Promotion of Organic Liaison supplements has a sales feel to it
  • May only appeal to those who need to lose a significant amount of weight
  • Doesn't offer a clear-cut exercise plan

Organic Liaison is the first ever certified organic weight loss program. It once offered a host of diet and nutrition support to help you reach your weight loss goals, but after a purchase by Jenny Craig in 2014, only one single product remains in the brand's offerings. Organic Liaison can now only be purchased through the Jenny Craig website as a complement to that program.

It's an odd fit, considering Jenny Craig's diet is not organic, nor does it comply with the principles on which Organic Liaison was founded.

Try this recipe for Kirstie Alley's Green Soup, enough for you and to share with, what she calls, your Chubby Buddy.


There is no fitness plan.


Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison is the first ever USDA certified organic weight loss program.

Other things to be aware of are that the program's promotion of its proprietary weight loss products may produce side effects and/or may not produce the intended effects and its lack of a fitness component leaves the onus on you to devise a regular exercise routine.

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Sure as hell hasn't worked for Kirstie....why would somebody buy a line of diet products from a fat woman??

posted Jul 27th, 2010 9:00 pm



I just purchased this and it is soooooooooooooo nasty!!! The color of the release me is NOT the same color as what she drinks on the show or what is on the pic of the broacher! It is a darker color almost a brown tint to it and it smells and tastes like PVC glue. NOT that I have tasted PVC glue but I have worked with it and THAT is what it smells like. HORRIBLE. I've tried to drink it now 3 times and could only sip a tiny bit and poured it out. It is just awful! Maybe you might find it ok but I even had my kids, sister, and brother-in-law try it and they all agreed it tasted awful!!!

posted Jul 21st, 2010 6:49 pm


Looking into the "magic ingredients" in this diet, I find literally all of them can be purchased (organic versions) from any health food store at a fraction of the cost. it may be "afforable" to someone like Kirstie who lives in a mansion LOL but $139 a month for supplements that you can buy 75% cheaper, plus $10 for a website that gives you stuff like "where to by organic food) that is FREE ON GOOGLE, plus enrollment fee, you're looking at $1800 a year, I don't see the value there! I also cannot recall any celeb pushing a weight loss program while being fat. There's not one full body shot of her at that site!

posted Jul 20th, 2010 11:49 am



Wow, Everyone dont knock it til you try it!! I have lost 20lbs an my body feels Great..

posted Jun 22nd, 2010 1:40 pm


Why on God's green earth, would anyone order a diet product from someone who can't keep their own weight down? That would be like ordering a Bible from Satan.

posted May 24th, 2010 2:45 pm



OMG the stuff tastes so gross! I am not sure I can stomach it month to month. I just got it today and I cancelled my plan. Major nasty.

posted May 19th, 2010 10:56 pm


I live in Clearwater, trust me its in a Scientology owned building..
the advertisements for jobs were in Scientology owned publications.

you will only find advertisements in those publications

Scientologists generally don't hire

Organic Liaisons opened an office several weeks ago in downtown Clearwater. and is staffed by Scientologists.

I was downtown on one occasion and saw
some general remodeling being done on the tone 40 building its owned by a Scientologist
and he had his construction crew doing some work and putting up the business sign

a week later three service vans and several people I know who happen to be Scientologists unloading a total of 14 desks and chairs for the new offices.

thee is a high concentration in the area and its overwhelming Scientology run business
and they do tend to have preferential trade among themselves.

Kristie is the head of the corporation ad its not rocket science to figure out shes getting the biggest paycheck and She will give money to her church

Kirstie donated $5 million dollars to the Massive Super Powers Building that sits incomplete in the middle of downtown Clearwater for almost a decade.
and its not even close to being finished.

Peggy Crawford CEO is in the testimonials,and also she appears on the TV show and is credited as CEO of Kristies Company on the Show!

Peggy has a long history with Kirstie Peggy ran the Wichita KS Scientology Mission that Kirstie funded in her original home town
and has been her personal assistant for decades.

they have testimonial videos on the OL Web site with Several Employees-Co Stars-and friends ..along with a disclaimer in tiny print saying as much.
ask yourself how honest is that?

posted May 8th, 2010 3:57 am


When all of the testimonial from the web site are either Employees of Organic Liaison,a Scientologists,or close personal friends of Kirstie, it is Pure Hypocrisy! !.
Peggy Crawford is the CEO of Organic LIaison! and the first person you see in the testimonial video.and has a credit on the TV show with the Title of OL CEO! Hypocrisy!
and Kirstie's Chubby Buddy Jim Hazel makes an appearance in the testimonials as well! Hypocrisy! his wife Kristie Curtis Hazel is a Scientologist!
Robin Mandel Shereshevsky an Organic Liaison Employee and a Scientologist is also in the Testimonials! Hypocrisy!

and the latest bombshell is the main cast of her TV show are all actors!

posted May 2nd, 2010 11:32 pm

cindy c

I tried it and did not mind the drink. the calcium was a bit hard to swallow and I really did not like the nightingale. I have to agree with others about the customer service as I called several times and they just never got back to me. I canceled my membership and order for the second shipment because I waited 5 days for them to get back to me to let me know if my order went through. I never got a chance to use their site completely because they never opened it all up for me. One of the customer service representatives got really snippy with me and said you have to be a paying customer to get in, I was at that time on my second week of membership with a paid in full account. Not worth the trouble. I love Kirstie and couldn't wait to get on her program but who wants to be upset each day!. My suggestion is wait a year and let them figure it out!

posted Apr 29th, 2010 7:07 pm



If the employees are scientologists, their inefficiency, lack of honesty and uncaring and nonchalant attitude when it comes to customer service do not bode well for the organization. I ordered the product (not cheap for one month's supply) and my card was charged on April 15th with an email said my order had been "processed" and was to be delivered via fedex ground within 2-5 days per the tracking number. I was not given a tracking number, so I called 4 days later to get it. The customer service rep. told me that she could not find it, would look into it the next day, and send me an email. I didn't get an email, so I called again. The next agent also could not find a tracking number and could not tell if the order had been sent to fedex, so she was going to speak with the shipping supervisor the next day. Really? It's not rocket "science" after all - the order was place or it wasn't. When I also didn't get her email, I called again on April 22nd. I requested that they overnight (one of their delivery options) the kit at their cost at the company's cost since the product should have already arrived and I was getting the run-around. No one would admit that the shipment was never sent out. Finally, the item was shipped on the 22nd after my call and did not arrive until April 28th. I called on the 23rd, and said I wanted to cancel my membership. In a snotty tone, the girl told me the order was placed so I could only cancel the next scheduled shipment and in another adolescent manner said "it's not like we did it on purpose." Not one person admitted they made a mistake in not placing the order via fedex or apologized to me. I was curious to see if the organic product was an effective hunger suppressant, but it is not worth the frustration of having to deal with such poor customer service.

Other issues - in order to speak to a person, you have to hang up when you are told all reps. are busy and asked to leave a message - then try about 4-5 more times when someone will eventually answer. You are given the impression that if you put in a type of food, the calories will be automatically calculated - but for 90% of the items, you need to input the calorie content yourself. Finally, the "meal plans" are supposed to include vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian/seafood. Actually, there is no vegetarian plan without seafood, so lacto-ovos don't get a menu that doesn't need to be changed.

I admire Kirstie's tenacity, but the program needs a lot of work.

posted Apr 29th, 2010 3:04 am

[email protected]

Just got my stuff in the mail today. The drink is tart and slightly fruity, but mostly it tastes like vitamins. I've drank worse stuff for other diets, so I think I can handle some slightly fruity vitamin water. Kirstie does suggest putting it in the freezer for a bit and letting it get slushy...so that might be better? Well see if I loose any weight!

posted Apr 15th, 2010 9:49 am


who cares about all this scientology crap and stick to the main focus of why people come to these forms, HAS IT OR HAS IT NOT WORKED FOR YOU?

If so explaine why... That is all that people are really interested in hearing!

posted Apr 8th, 2010 12:41 pm



been on several diets in the last two years including medifast, weight watchers, atkins. Like this one best so far! Super easy.

posted Apr 7th, 2010 6:04 am



I have lost 6 lbs on this diet. It is easy to follow and has great menu/ planners and diet tools. I find the costs cheaper than other diets. So far So good!!!!

posted Apr 7th, 2010 6:02 am



In the video, Kirstie mentioned that she has worked with the scientists involved in Organic Liaison for two years already. In that time span she did not lose weight already? Obviously it does not work as Kirstie is still fat. Nothing is better than diet/food regulation and exercise.

posted Apr 6th, 2010 11:05 am



How does a diet lead to religion or the other way around?? I just want to know if it taste good and if it work's,screw the religious part,Come on People!!

posted Apr 5th, 2010 3:38 am


OMG-please do not order this. It tastes terrible. Not like juice at all, I couldn't drink it! The bottle is pretty though-haha. My daughter told me not to get it, she said Kirstie Alley made a face on the video when she drank it. It taste like citric acid and I don't know what else, but it is nasty and there are not returns or refunds. YUCK

posted Apr 4th, 2010 9:04 am


Jack LaLanne Americas first TV fitness guru, to this day, still recommends a organic diet for weight loss/control and fitness/health. And modern day science backs it up.
No matter what a persons religion or beliefs, if they start a company or promote a program/product that is good or good for you....what's the point in making personal/spiritual attacks?
Does the program work? Will it work? Is it supportive of those who do sign up? Does it meet the need of the client?
So far, just looking at the front page, it's more economical that Jenny Craig.
I can't wait to hear from real customers, real people and hear their stories.

posted Mar 28th, 2010 5:01 pm


Not sure how the religious views of a company have any bearing on the efficacy of its products. If Kirstie were Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist or otherwise no one would be posting about how and where she and her employees practice their faith. Stick to the facts, that will lead you further than harping on something you probably know very little about.

posted Mar 22nd, 2010 3:09 pm

Carrie Tannenbaum

Hey Sally - Kirstie went on record with the facts about Organic Liaison and proves no link to Scientology. You can watch the interview here where she specifically states that 90% of Organic Liaison employees are NOT Scientologists and 4 of the 5 board members are also NOT Scientologists. Company is also NOT located in same building as Scientology:

posted Mar 22nd, 2010 2:13 pm


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