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Overweight What Kids Say

Overweight What Kids Say

Find out what is really causing the childhood obesity epidemic.

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From the voice of tens of thousands of overweight kids, learn what they have to say themselves about their struggles, stories and successes with their weight.

In the book, Overweight: What Kids Have To Say, author Dr. Robert Pretlow, sheds light on the childhood obesity epidemic by giving the voice over to those who are experiencing it - overweight American kids themselves.

This collection of messages, quotes and experiences is an honest portrayal that will shatter the prevailing belief that childhood obesity is due to the overabundant of food and that kids just don't know how to make healthy choices. Rather, in this book, one-third of overweight kids attest to overeating to quell feelings of sadness, stress, anger and fatigue and for most of them, this comfort eating is also mindless without little regard to what, why and how much they are eating.

In Overweight: What Kids Have To Say, Dr. Pretlow puts forth a number of solutions that focus in on this root cause of obesity. By incorporating substance abuse methods into the intervention strategies, making modifications to Michelle Obama's healthy eating campaign and reducing childhood depression, Dr. Pretlow believes that the alarming obesity statistics can be reversed and kids will regain control over their physical and emotional health.

Dr. Pretlow is an expert in pediatric obesity issues. He is the founder and director of Weigh2Rock, an online weight loss community for teens and preteens.

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  • Gets to the root cause of overeating
  • Offers strategies for addressing the childhoo obesity epidemic
  • Written by an expert who has amassed years of experience in working with overweight and obese children
  • Concept of comfort or emotional eating is a very powerful dynamic that must be addressed in order to take control of disordered eating
  • Won't tell you what to eat
  • Some of the proposed solutions may be difficult to implement

Overweight: What Kids Have To Say, is not a nutrition plan for children that puts forth sample menus and calorie counts. Instead, the book suggests that the childhood obesity epidemic has much less to do with food itself and much more to do with the emotions and triggers that are driving American children to eat without awareness.

From stress to boredom and from anger to depression, American children are engaging in emotional eating for many of the same reasons that adults do, and the solutions must come at the issue from a psychological and behavioral perspective rather than simply giving kids a diet plan, calorie counter and a food scale.

Dr. Pretlow suggests the following:

  • Incorporate substance dependence methods into overweight intervention programs for kids.
  • Combat stress and depression in kids.
  • Tax and regulate certain foods that kids say that the have the most problem resisting
  • Make alterations to Michelle Obama's healthy eating campaign by adding more introspection into helping kids understand why they overeat and provide funding for counseling for kids why need it.

In addition, Overweight: What Kids Have To Say, addresses such issues such as why diets don't work, why children are experiencing the emotional issues they are, the idea of food as an addiction, and the role that parents play in affecting their child's health.


While there is no specific fitness plan in Overweight: What Kids Have To Say, Dr. Pretlow suggests that fun activities should be developed and promoted in communities in order to ameliorate the factors in kids that produce comfort and stress eating.


Overweight kids are rarely heard from and they are also very poorly understood. Overweight: What Kids Have To Say, is a assemblage of 134,000 messages posted anonymously in the past 10 years by more than 29,000 overweight kids on Dr. Pretlow's open-access website, Weigh2Rock, a online community for overweight teens and preteens.

Rather than suggesting that the childhood obesity epidemic is only about the overabundance of calorically-dense and nutritionally-sparse foods, Dr. Pretlow surmises that it is actually about eating for comfort and numbing out emotions that are painful to feel.

If you are interested in the childhood obesity epidemic as a parent, clinician or researcher, Overweight: What Kids Have To Say, is an enlightening and honest look at the issues that millions of young Americans are grappling with on a daily basis.

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Steve O'Keefe

Thanks for the review of Dr. Pretlow's amazing book, "Overweight: What Kids Say." The book has come out in an updated edition (ISBN 1450534392). The link in your review leads to the old edition (ISBN 1439244340), which is out of print. You might want to update the "Start This Diet Now" link. Thanks again!

posted Aug 9th, 2010 9:46 am


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