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pH Balance Diet

pH Balance Diet

Restore your pH level with this easy-to-follow program.

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Everyone’s body has a pH level. Your body’s pH level is the measure of the acidity of the liquids within. Your body is constantly trying to keep a balance of its pH level. If your body has too much acid, you might suffer from headaches, muscle aches, sleeplessness and other problems. The pH diet helps return your body to a healthy pH balance if you find that your levels are too acidic or alkaline. The pH diet gives you specific instructions on keeping yourself at a healthy pH level, like avoiding soft drinks and sweets, daily exercise, drinking plenty of water, thinking positively and a few others.

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  • Diet gets your pH balance back to a safe level
  • Diet encourages eating healthy and daily exercise
  • Easy to follow
  • Although program gets pH levels to a healthy range, doesn’t focus on weight loss

The pH diet focuses on the types of foods you eat because a large portion of the acidity in your body comes from food. The diet portion of the program recommends avoiding animal proteins and fat during dinner.


It is recommended that while on the pH diet you exercise daily. There is however no recommendation on how long to exercise each day or what activities to do.


The pH diet addresses a specific need for those that need to regain a healthy pH balance. The tips that the diet offers are good for general diet and exercise health as well. Daily exercise and avoiding soft drinks and sugar are elements that can help anyone lose weight. The pH diet also recommends taking the time to relax and suggest positive thinking. This advice would definitely be helpful to anyone on a diet. You can try the pH diet even if you have a healthy balance to cut down on pounds.

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