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The liberating new workout inspired by former drummers.

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POUND is a full-body jam session, combining light resistance and body weight exercises with choreographed drumming. Workouts are 45-minutes and include elements of Pilates, plyometrics and isometric poses.

The classes are divided into 2-4 minute pre-choreographed songs of any genre (rock, rap, dubstep, old school funk) using signature weighted drumsticks called Ripstix™ to keep the beat and strengthen the upper body while drumming.

POUND was developed by fitness enthusiasts and recreational drummers Kirsten Potenza & Christina Peerenboom, who wanted a high-intensity rhythmic workout to help release aggression, feel free, and connect to a wellness community.

Experience POUND in a class at your local gym chains or with at-home DVDs.

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  • Offered through in-person classes or at-home DVDs
  • Great for those with rhythm looking to build strength
  • Unique format for strength training
  • Classes are high-energy, often with a dance club atmostphere
  • DVDs and online community offer lifestyle support, recipe ideas, and wellness plans
  • Improves strength, coordination, and rhythm over time
  • DVDs can’t simulate in-class experience
  • Very fast paced class, must be a quick learner
  • High-intensity, moves quickly
  • Modifications are difficult for varied fitness levels
  • Lots of ballistic movements which create potential for injury
  • Will need to supplement with cardio workouts for weight-loss and a balanced fitness routine

DVDs and online community includes lifestyle tips, basic nutrition guides, “Tuesday Tweaks” tips to help make traditional recipes healthier, and a 60-day calendar plan to follow at home.

Otherwise, POUND is solely a fitness program without a significant diet or nutrition plan.


Exercise is the primary focus of POUND. A lot of emphasis is placed on how fun, freeing, and energizing the POUND workouts are. It’s rare to have a workout that promotes making noise and releasing emotions, and they promote the “permission to rock" in what we call a liberating workout.

Primarily the workouts focus on the legs with an intense series of very fast-paced squats and lunges plus rhythmic drumming or pounding of the Ripstix™. While the Ripstix keep the arms moving, it is a much subtler form of strengthening, if at all, in the upper body.

Earlier DVDs do not include a full workout, but isolated exercises and basic moves as a foundation for a full-length class. When ordering the DVD from January 2015, it will include a full class and 60-day plan on how often to attend a class or follow the video routine.

Each workout is 45 minutes long and you will need a pair of their signature Ripstix, which are slightly heavier and more durable than traditional drumsticks, to promote increased upper body toning. A yoga mat, towel, or carpeted floor is recommended for their seated abdominal strengthening series.

The POUND classes provide a high-energy dance club atmosphere, often with a live DJ or disco lights, depending on the gym you try. The instructors are enthusiastic and lead the class through the choreographed routines from the front of the room or a stage.

To get certified as a POUND instructor, you must complete a one-day, 8-hour training that is ACE and AFAA approved and includes lifetime access to the new choreography and music released each month to keep classes dynamic and challenging. You can teach in a gym, corporate wellness program, or to students in school settings.


POUND workouts have been rapidly gaining popularity throughout the country because of their fun and intense approach to strength training. Meet new people in class or online and bang on the floor with sticks as you boost your heart rate and tone your body.

With the enhancements of the new DVDs, it will be a lot easier to follow along at home and this may be the best approach for people who aren’t naturally rhythmic and prefer modifications or moving at a slower pace.

If you’re looking for a break from the weight room or need a fun way to include strength training into your cardio regimen, POUND can provide the variety and excitement your workout needs.

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