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Precise Portions

Precise Portions

A plate that helps you perfectly portion your food.

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Precise Portions is a weight management system that makes it easy to eat well and control your portion size. Through Precise Portions you can eat the right amounts of food from each food group. This program involves portion control dinnerware that takes the guesswork out of healthier eating. Precise Portions are made of porcelain and are microwave safe. The available designs make it easy to entertain guests in style. When making your purchase, you will get complete constructions along with your dishes and a quick start guide with healthy eating information. Precise Portions is a great way for you and your family to always eat the right amounts of food in the right proportions. There are three sections on each plate. Each section of the plate is used for lean meats or beans, starch or grains, and non-starchy vegetables. On the Precise Portions web site there are illustrations showing you how to use the plates. You even have the chance to play around with different food items and put them on their respective sections of the plate.

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  • Teaches portion control
  • Includes information about eating the right foods in the right amounts
  • Plates, bowls and cups are available for purchase
  • Web site offers some healthy recipes
  • Allows you to lose weight naturally
  • Helps you to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Comes with placemats that serve as a guide
  • Fixes our inability to judge proper portion size
  • Some may think place settings are too expensive
  • No exercise plan guidance given

Precise Portions is all about eating. These dishes teach you how to eat properly and replace the inaccurate portion ideas that have surfaced in the last few years. There are recipes included on the Precise Portions site that can be followed if you choose. The three sections of the plate are reserved for non-starchy vegetables, starch or grains, and lean meats or beans. You simply keep all of your foods within the allotted lines on the plate, and you can be sure that you’ve got the right size portions. You don’t have to weigh your foods or go through difficult menu planning. You simply put your food on the plate and eat. The glasses and bowls are also portion controlled. Eating from these dishes offers you a better chance at controlling portions without any thought. Some of the recipes available on the web site include:

  • Curried chicken pita bread
  • English muffin sandwiches
  • Fresh fruit jam
  • Spiced chickpeas
  • Rice and lentil salad
  • Hawaiian smoothie
  • Stir-fried broccoli flowerets

Exercise is encouraged along with portion control or those that are trying to lose weight or those that want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The suggestion is made that exercise can be used for gaining weight, maintaining weight and losing weight. Several articles are available for each category. Although there is information telling why we need to exercise, there is no specific exercise plan laid out.


Eating properly can be easier with the help of Precise Portions. These dishes help you maintain proper portions without you really having to think about it. You simply fill the sections of the plate with the proper foods and you’re good to go. There are helpful recipes available, and the dishes are elegant enough for you to entertain with. You can retrain your body and brain to eat proper portion sizes with the built in method of Precise Portions.

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didn't realize how powerful this dinnerware is until i tried it myself; way more than just a dinnerware - with the quick start guide, the menu planning sheets, and the daily food journal - it's a closed circle, everything i need to stay on track... too bad they don't give will power, too - LOL. The hardest part for me was menu planning. but once i got used to planning and then - sticking to the plan, it's easy! Thanks!

posted Feb 6th, 2012 7:28 pm

Terri Patillo

Amazing Product -- extremely valuable and useful!

posted Aug 24th, 2011 3:05 pm

Yoga Jim


Love this idea... portion control is a HUGE part of the solution.

posted Jun 1st, 2011 10:47 am


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