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Re-Feed Diet

Re-Feed Diet

The new diet for bodybuilders: Build muscle & get lean

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The re-feed concept is similar to that of a “cheat day” only the re-feed has more construction and contains specific plans for specific reasons. The first and most important thing to know about a re-feed is that it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. The goal is to eat high glycemic carbs (fast digesting) that are low in fat. This is because carbohydrates have the largest impact on your metabolism.

Pick one day a week where you will have the time and ability to eat as many carbohydrates as you please. On this day, you want to consume however many carbs your body wants in order to feel full and satisfied. The re-feed should start first thing in the morning and last somewhere between 6-9 hours, depending on your specific weight loss goals and how your body feels. Be aware, the most difficult part about this diet is to not overeat and be sure to quit when you're full.

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  • It allows you to spurge and enjoy it
  • Easier option to follow compared to carb cycling
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Helps you become stronger/builds muscle
  • Gives you more energy
  • Risky
  • It's difficult to not overeat
  • There's no set numbers to follow because everyone's different and you must judge by feeling
  • It takes lots of time to test and figure out what amount of carbs works best for you both throughout the week and on the re-feed day

Aim for foods (fast digesting carbs) like cereal, bagels, pancakes with syrup, homemade pizza, low-fat Pop-Tarts or low-fat chips. Just be sure to still get your normal amount of protein in as well, but go lower in fats than you normally would since you'll be picking up bits from the re-feed foods.

So if you're allowing yourself to indulge one day a week only, what do you do the rest of the week? Unfortunately there's no set diet for everyone to follow, but the general recommendation is to eat a low to moderate carb diet for the balance of the week in order to prevent fat gain.


Plan the day you choose to do your re-feed on around your most strenuous workouts. Plan to workout the muscle group you want to improve the most the day immediately following your re-feed because you should have lots of energy built up from all the carbs.


Right about now you're probably wondering how in the world this diet actually works. Consuming a large amount of carbs compared to what your body's used to tells your metabolism to pick it up and start running. On your re-feed day, you should have consumed enough carbs for your body to get you through the next few days (which is why your diet throughout the week should be low-moderate with carbs). By the end of the week, your body should have used up the calories from the re-feed and your metabolism should begin to slow again which means it's time for the next re-feed.

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