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Read It Before You Eat It

Read It Before You Eat It

Decode the mystery of food labels and eat your way to a healthier you.

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Do you find that you need a dictionary or a medical expert to help you decode the label on the backside of your favorite box of cereal or bag of tortilla chips?

You can place your Webster's back on the shelf and instead, grab a copy of Read It Before You Eat It: How to Decode Food Labels and Make the Healthiest Choice Every Time, a comprehensive and easy-to-read resource written by dietitian, Bonnie Taub-Dix.

Being a smart and well-informed food consumer is one of the most important tools in supporting your health and your family's. Read it Before You Eat It clears up the confusion by showing you how to make sense of the labels and sidestep tricky marketing ploys. Taub-Dix walks you through a typical grocery store and points out the best food choices to make in every aisle.

This handy guide is dense enough to take and make notes in, but portable enough to carry with you to the grocery store.

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  • Decodes the mysterious and confusing world of food labels into coherent and accurate information and advice
  • Written by a health expert
  • Looks beyond marketing catch phrases and loopholes in FDA regulations to give you real nutrition information
  • Offers numerous suggestions and tips for how to be a healthier shopper and consumer
  • Knowledge of what is in products creates greater awareness and promotes healthy behaviors
  • Applicable to all grocery store chains, even stores like Wal-Mart or your neighborhood market
  • As FDA regulations on food labels change in the near future, information in the book may be inaccurate

Read It Before You Eat It is an impressive guide that lets you get beyond the confusion of food labels and learn what packaged foods, beverages and snacks live up to their catch slogans and which ones don't.

In the book, you will find answers to these common and important food-related questions:

  • Which foods help and which harm?
  • Can you trust the labels on your food?
  • What do all the numbers on the Nutrition Facts Panel mean?
  • How can you get the most out of your money when buying food for your family?
  • How can you shop smart, shop fast, and shop with confidence?
  • What does organic really mean?
  • How much salt is too much?

Read It Before You Eat It won't give you a day-to-day diet plan, but it will highlight many of the foods we come across in the grocery store and provides information on whether you should purchase it or whether you should return it to the shelf.


There is no information on exercise.


If knowledge is power, then healthy eating will be a result if you follow along the clear-cut information presented in Read It Before You Eat It, a handy guide that lets you decode food labels and get to the truth about just how healthy your favorite grocery store items are.

Registered dietitian and national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, Bonnie Taub-Dix provides you with all you need to know to be healthier consumer and eater in her book, "Read It Before You Eat It."

While the accuracy of the information presented may need to be adjusted in the years to come as the FDA develops different regulations on food labels and nutritional science research uncovers new findings on food and health, you can't go wrong with making this a staple in your at-home library. Keep it your car so that you can carry it along with you as you grocery shop.

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