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Say No to Diabetes

Say No to Diabetes

Reverse diabetes fast with this diet program.

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Say No to Diabetes is a book written by Patrick Holford that offers 10 secrets to preventing and reversing diabetes. Holford is one of the leading authorities on mental and nutritional health. He has written 30 health books and is the founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. Say No to Diabetes lays out an action plan for those suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as metabolic syndrome, which leads to type 2 diabetes. There are case histories included as well as the latest scientific findings to help examine the latest causes of the current diabetes problems. The included anti-diabetes diet program will help reverse the disease and give you advice on how to reverse the damage caused by diabetes medications.

More than 230 million people are suffering from diabetes throughout the world and that number will increase to 333 million by the year 2025. These alarming numbers are definitely cause for concern. Some of the most prominent causes of type 2 diabetes include obesity, inactivity, not enough sleep, poor diet and chronic stress. Say No to Diabetes suggests that the best medicine you can give your body to turn things around are good food and exercise. This is proven based on a 2005 Norwegian study mentioned in the book. There is a lot of helpful advice given in this book, especially for those suffering from type 2 diabetes, or those that may be almost there.

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  • Sound advice given that includes diet and exercise
  • Written by a trusted nutritionist
  • Encourages changing bad habits for results
  • Offers information that is backed up by research
  • Information can be helpful for both types of diabetics
  • None to speak of

Say No to Diabetes promotes a low-glycemic load diet which will help you achieve results quickly. The author calls out the fact that the advice people with diabetes have been given by health professionals is to continue eating a diet high in starch and low in fat. This is a problem because people with type 2 diabetes have intolerance for glucose and starch increases blood sugar. Instead of that same advice, Say No to Diabetes encourages you to eat more fish, vegetables, berries, nuts; less sugar, starches (bread, potatoes, rice and pasta) and red meat; and choose healthy fats. This recommendation is backed by large studies that have been conducted in both the United States and Finland. Making these types of food choices can dramatically reduce the risk of diabetes. The types of foods you are encouraged to eat fall in line with this info, and they all have low glycemic indexes or loads. A food’s load level is directly related to how that particular food affects your blood sugar levels. The low-GL diet within Say No to Diabetes is not one that is focused on being low-fat or low-calorie.

This program is not solely focused on eliminating diabetes though. Following this program will also result in an increase in energy, mood, and memory. It will also cut your risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. There are plenty of success stories highlighted within Say No to Diabetes showing how much weight people have been able to lose in just a short amount of time while on the program. Below is a reflection of eating on Holford’s low-GL program:

  • Breakfast – Fatburner Muesli
  • Lunch – Fatburner Sandwich with Green Salad
  • Dinner – Chicken Tandori with 2 ½ oz. brown basmati rice and steamed vegetables
  • Snack – Apple with sunflower seeds/cottage cheese with berries
  • Drinks – Unlimited water, herbal teas, and coffee alternatives, plus one glass of diluted juice

Incorporating more movement into your routine is another important part of the Say No to Diabetes program. There is an entire chapter that tells you just how to build daily exercise into your life. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym, but simply incorporating more movement into your everyday activities can go a long way in helping you get healthier. If you are new to exercise, starting with just 15 minutes a day of movement is a great way to get started.


Say No to Diabetes offers a remarkable program that will change your health, your weight and essentially your life. Those with diabetes or pre-diabetes will benefit greatly from the advice given in this book. Patrick Holford has used this program with several of his clients to help them get great results, and now the information is available for you to use as well.

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