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ShaqLyte Diet

ShaqLyte Diet

Keep trim during your off-season with Shaq's eating plan.

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At seven feet and one-inches tall, who would ever think that for Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O'Neal the word "diet" would ever be a part of his vocabulary? Well, even for world-class athletes whose height and bank accounts tower over most humans, counting calories, carb and fat grams can be a reality.

For Shaq, once the 2009 basketball season ended, this pro player is determined to get into Super Model shape, Shaq style.

With the help of nationally-renowned registered dietitian and author Joy Bauer, R.D., this self-professed lover of Krispy Kreme donuts, has decided to keep up with his training season diet during the off-season, making coaches and hopefully himself very happy.

A staunch health advocate, in 2007, Shaq created the ABC television show Shaq's Big Challenge, which challenged kids to lose weight and get fit. Now he has taken the task on himself.

The ShaqLyte Diet is a protein-rich diet pared with select good carbs, tons of low-starch veggies, low glycemic fruits and a daily dose of supplements.

With a few modifications, possibly in regards to portion size and daily calories, (Shaq is a pretty big guy with caloric needs that exceed most of us), The ShaqLyte Diet can be followed by just about anyone who wants to lose weight, have a boost in energy and improve their health.

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  • Features plenty of healthy foods
  • Created by a nutrition expert
  • Shuns all processed foods, sugars and artificial sweeteners
  • If followed correctly, can result in weight loss
  • Portion sizes may be Shaq-sized and should be reduced
  • Does not provide exact quantities of how much food should be eaten

The ShaqLyte Diet is a high protein, low starch and low fat diet. This three-meal and one snack-a-day eating plan prohibits starchy carbs like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes during or after dinner as well as prohibiting adding sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners, or salt to any foods.

Water, and non-starchy veggies like lettuce, celery, asparagus, broccoli, etc can be enjoyed in unlimited quantities. Protein is a center feature for every meal and snack as well as small amounts of fat.

A typical day on the ShaqLyte Diet might look like this:

  • Breakfast could be an egg white plus one whole egg omelet mixed with vegetables and reduced fat cheese and a side of berries, grapefruit or kiwi.

  • Lunch might be a turkey burger wrapped in lettuce (no bun) and topped with plenty of fresh vegetables, small amount of ketchup and mustard.

  • Snack can be 1-2 Joy Bauer snack bars plus a piece of fruit.

  • Dinner may start with a large green salad tossed with balsamic vinegar and then follow with an unlimited portion of lean protein like plain chicken breast, pork tenderloin, fish, sirloin steak or seafood.

Bauer also outlined a dining-out list which recommends what foods to eat while eating out and a list of low-starch vegetables that be consumed without limit. In addition, a multivitamin and fish oil supplement are taken every day.


There are no precise fitness recommendations other than to participate in daily exercise.


The ShaqLyte Diet was created for the basketball superstar with the intention of maintaining a healthy weight during the off season. Shunning all processed foods, heavy starches and sugars, this diet designed by dietitian Joy Bauer embraces lean protein, low-starchy veggies and daily exercise.

The two caveats for this clean-eating diet is that precise measurements of food are not provided and the amount of food may be too much for those under seven feet to successfully and effectively lose weight. Therefore, while this diet is incredibly healthy, you may need to pare down portion sizes.

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