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Side Effect: Skinny

Side Effect: Skinny

This book features Denise Austin's Fat Blast Diet, 7-minute toning exercise, and a focus on sustainable healthy habits.

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Fitness guru, Denise Austin has been in the limelight of the fitness world for decades. The release of her latest book is keeping her front and center. Side Effect: Skinny is a book with lifestyle tips for women to achieve healthy weights and lifestyles. Austin describes what she calls the “Fat Blast Diet” to teach women how to jump start weight loss and how to maintain it for life. The book focuses on how to turn up your metabolism by eating different amounts each day, or by causing calorie confusion. She also teaches about what she calls skinny foods. Austin uses the shape of foods to point out certain aspects about the food’s goodness. For example, the read tomato is a great food for heart health. Austin also teaches about the good value of a splurge day and how fasting from 7pm to 7am daily all fit together to make a lifelong, healthy diet. Austin is very serious about getting exercise into everyday, even if it’s with her tips for busy women and things to do in the office, or with her fat blast workout routine. Side Effect: Skinny is all about eating right and exercise, but it’s all written in a realistic tone. We are all busy and we aren’t all nutritionist or trainers. The book breaks down the details for the everyday, bust woman.

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  • No special food purchases required
  • No specific gym equipment required
  • The workouts are tailored so even a beginner could get started
  • The example recipes are not too elaborate nor do they contain hard to find ingredients
  • Austin encourages a food splurge day
  • Lots of options for at-home or at-work exercises
  • Austin has had a long, successful career helping others get healthy
  • Austin offers realistic tips for eating out
  • Austin’s metabolism boosting tips are supposed to aid in rapid weight loss
  • Those with special dietary needs may need to check with their doctor about the daily calorie changes
  • Not all body types are approved for exercise
  • Those who can’t cook may struggle to follow the plan
  • Interval exercises may be too intense for some body types

The foods encouraged in Side Effect: Skinny are very basic and very common in healthy eating. Austin encourages lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and lean proteins. She focuses on healthy fats and proper portions. Austin encourages that all eating is done between the hours of 7AM and 7PM. The book offers a 21-day Jumpstart Plan menu. Example breakfasts include smoothies (recipes in book), egg scrambles with turkey bacon, or yogurt and fruit. There are snacks between each meal, typically fruits or vegetables and a protein, like nuts. Lunches may be a fresh salad with bean and chicken or a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread. Dinners May be lean poultry with vegetables or a hearty soup or salad. Her meal plan includes many recipes to keep things fresh and tasty.


Movement is pivotal in Austin’s plans. In Side Effect: Skinny, she describes her interval workout as “The Fat-Blast Workout.” Austin teaches readers how to simply use walking as a way to blast fat. She uses a series of warming up, picking up the pace, recovering, and then spiking the tempo once more. This series is designed to take the exercise into the fat blasting zone.

Outside of the workouts, Austin gives many many tips to the reader about how to use a gym, get involved in a fitness class, and how to burn extra calories while they’re on the go. Austin calls these steps “The Daily Body Blitz.” Examples include walking once you get a phone call, choosing the parking space that is the furthest away, doing crunches in the office for one minute, doing jumping jacks for one minute, or even wiping off table tops at the office or at home.

Bottom line, Austin says you just have to keep moving as often as possible.


Side Effect: Skinny is a practical read for someone who has heard all the fads and is ready to use the only proven methods, diet and exercise. Austin keeps things fun and interesting by adding her touch to the foods and exercises, hopefully making it more realistic to stick with. The diet elements are totally practical and the exercises can be started even at home. The book is a great refresher course for anyone needing to get back on track with their healthy lifestyle or maybe start it for the first time.

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