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Skinny Bastard

Skinny Bastard

Men can get fit too with this answer to the Skinny Bitch book.

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Who says that men also can't be hated for being skinny and fit?

Saucy masterminds behind the Skinny Bitch empire, Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin have applied their trademark tough-tongued words and vegan diet to men, who want to lose weight and be the envy of the board room or locker room.

Skinny Bastard is “a kick in the ass for real men who want to stop being fat and start getting buff.”

It teaches men the truth about protein, which foods affect the male anatomy and how to get rid of your gut and still eat the foods you love.

Since guys don't really aim to be skinny, they do want to be strong and look fit and toned. With the Skinny Bastard plant-based eating plan and its regular fitness program, guys can transform themselves into lean and clean-eating loving machines.

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  • Encourages healthy eating and exercise
  • Vegan lifestyle is a very healthy and nutrient-dense way of eating
  • Vegan diet may prevent certain disease and weight gain
  • Designed specifically for men
  • Tries to speak the language of men
  • Very blunt and to the point about the program
  • Encourages eating more eating of fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains
  • Lists of approved foods and brands included
  • Includes shopping lists
  • Eating plan has been embraced by MLB and NBA players
  • May be hard for some men to adjust to this way of eating
  • Brash language may be off-putting to some
  • Some negative reviews on the book’s extreme nature

Skinny Bastard focuses heavily on what you will and will not be eating. The Skinny Bitches are passionate vegans and so therefore, their diet plan encourages shunning meat and dairy as well as simple carbohydrates and sugar.

Those foods are to be replaced with tons of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds legumes and grains. The book does give specific lists of the foods and brands that are approved.

There is also a chapter in the book that outlines the benefits of eating a vegan diet to help prevent heart disease, diabetes and prostate cancer. It also includes specific section on animal products, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and junk food.


Exercise is highly encouraged with this plan. You have to get up and get moving in order to get rid of the gut that you’ve been carrying around.

Activities like running, weight resistance and walking are all helpful to helping you reach your weight loss goals.


For men losing weight isn’t touched on as often as it is for women. Skinny Bastard takes the approach of showing men how they can get buff and healthy while losing the meat and potatoes that the authors believe is keeping them fat.

This book will teach men how to adopt a vegan diet rich in legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables. It may be difficult for those that love eating meat and carbs. The program may be a bit excessive or some, but for those that can handle the diet, getting in shape can be made easier with the Skinny Bastard.

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it helped me loose 70 pounds and in such a short time while i learned how to eat and live better. greatest and best program out there!!

posted Dec 26th, 2011 3:23 am


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