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Lose weight quickly while eating real foods you buy at the grocery store.

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Slim4Life is a weight loss program now known as SlimGenics that allows you to lose weight at home. The SlimGenics program offers you everything you need to lose weight in a fast way. Those who have used the program have been losing weight for years in a safe way. Although your results may vary, you can lose up to five pounds in the first week on this program according to the web site. There are programs that can be done through going to a center, or entirely from home. For those that want to use the centers, they are available in the Denver and Northern Colorado as well as the Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota areas. Anyone outside of those metro areas would have to do the at home program. The program works because it is a balanced approach to weight loss that includes a nutritionally balanced, comprehensive program that deals with weight loss and weight management for life. This program is one that is easy to fit into your lifestyle without having to depend on expensive prepackaged meals. The cost of the program will depend on your goals but packages are affordable for most people.

The SlimGenics weight loss program includes three elements of grocery store food, thermo-snacks and weight loss enhancers. The basis of this program is a process called thermogenesis and focuses on burning stored fat. Your cells will generate the extra energy needed to keep your body from going into starvation mode on this program. Instead of starvation mode, you will create an efficient metabolism that will enable you to maintain a lean body weight. For the at home program you will receive all of the items you need to get started except for groceries. There are numerous success stories available on the web site showing people who have lost weight with SlimGenics.

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  • At home program available for those not living in areas with centers
  • Program uses real groceries instead of prepackaged meals
  • Several success stories available
  • At home program includes the things you need to get started
  • Program includes membership to an online community of support
  • Encourages both diet and exercise for weight loss
  • Snacks and weight loss enhancers are available
  • Offers fast weight loss
  • Home program features a step by step DVD on how to follow the program
  • Encourages the purchase of SlimGenics bars, snacks and supplements which can be expensive

Each day with the SlimGenics program involves eating real food and several snacks each day. The diet is well balanced and allows you to enjoy variety and moderation. The three elements of the diet include grocery store food, tasty thermo-snacks and weight loss enhancers. The snacks include protein so that you can curb cravings and decrease hunger. The weight loss enhancers are designed to accelerate your results by increasing your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. A day of meals on the SlimGenics is reflected below:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with veggies
  • Thermo Snack: Brownie bar
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup
  • Thermo Snack: Apple Custard Crunch bar
  • Dinner: Beef kabobs with onions, and red, green and yellow peppers
  • Dessert: Chocolate pudding

With the SlimGenics home program, you will receive an exercise slide card. This card offers exercise suggestions so that you can fit your workouts in while also working on your diet. Those that go to centers will receive exercise guidance from their counselor. A pedometer is included with your package to measure your daily steps as well. You will receive a tape measure so that you can regularly measure your progress. The program is designed to help you lose weight regardless of if you exercise or not. Increasing your activity level is recommended, but not required.


Those desiring to lose weight at a fast pace might want to consider the SlimGenics program. This program does involve purchasing Thermo –Snacks, but the weight loss enhancers are simply recommended. You get to eat regular food that can be purchased at the grocery store and many people have had success with this program. Although exercise is not required to lose the weight while doing SlimGenics, it is recommended to accelerate your results and improve your overall health.

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SlimGenics is a great program that helped me get off my baby weight after the birth of my son, and really incorporates sound nutrition. The accountability and support is great, too! And the snacks taste like candy...they became my "guilty pleasure". :)

posted Jun 11th, 2012 4:52 pm


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