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Discretely designed plates to keep portions in check.

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If portion size is your main diet saboteur, then Slimware, a line of portion conscious plates, may be just your solution to eating less and weighing less.

Slimware plates are carefully disguised compartmentalized cookware that are partitioned in three sections: Vegetables, protein and side dishes/carbohydrates. The largest area is for vegetables, the medium section is for side dishes or carbohydrates and the smallest portion is for protein.

Slimware comes in four decorative designs that feature a discrete appearance of the portioned sections. In fact, dinner guests will have no idea that their salmon and wild rice are portioned out appropriately and without excess.

Slimware plates can be purchased online and they are dishwasher safe.

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  • Promotes portion control
  • Discretely designed
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Portioned segments are visual estimates of proper portions
  • Allows for horizontal portion control but not vertical
  • Does not take into account the calories or fat grams in a meal or serving

Through their discretely disguised sections, Slimware plates advocate portion control. While the plates don't tell you what to eat or how many calories, fat or carbohydrate grams you should consume, they do offer estimated guidelines for how much to eat.

The vegetable section, which is the largest, is equivalent to two cups of raw vegetables, one cup of cooked vegetables or one-half cup of canned vegetables. The side dish/carbohydrate section is equivalent to one-half cup of rice, potatoes or pasta or one slice of bread. The protein section which is the smallest is equivalent to three ounces of skinless and cooked poultry or white fish, one and a half ounces of lean meat or one-half cup of cooked legumes or beans.


There are no exercise guidelines.


Slimware plates are a helpful and eye-opening diet accessory that help you monitor portion control. The segmented plates offer estimated guidelines for how much food you should be putting on your plate in order to lose weight. But do keep in mind that when it comes to calories and fat grams in your meals, you must monitor those on your own. The plates are simply visual tools to help you keep your portions in check.

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