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Tesco Diets

Tesco Diets

A customized diet plan for those in the U.K.

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Tesco Diets is an online diet program available to people in the U.K. that want to lose weight and feel good. When you sign up for Tesco Diets, you will receive a personal dieting mentor that monitors your progress each week. There are 16 different diet plans to choose from, so you get to select the program that works with your preferences. You can follow this program to lose weight or keep yourself at a healthy weight. The results you can expect with Tesco Diets is a weight loss of up to two pounds per week. You don’t have to go to a meeting each week to weight in. You simply weigh yourself in the privacy of your home and log your results online. Each diet is programmed to meet your personal needs and the ingredients you need each week are delivered to your home if you choose that option. The diet plans are designed by nutritionists that are available by phone or email whenever you need them.

There are some additional elements available for members of Tesco Diets. You can sign up to be part of the Recipe Club which gives you access to numerous recipes posted by other members and the ability to post your own. There is also the Tesco Diets Fitness plan which gives you a personalized fitness routine you can do at home. Both the fitness element and the Recipe Club must be purchased in addition to whichever diet plan you choose. The categories for the various diets available through Tesco Diets include weight loss and healthy eating plans, health-specific plans and do it your way.

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  • Allows you to choose what diet you want to use
  • Offers a fitness component
  • Allows you to do everything from home rather than attending meetings
  • Receive the help of a personal dieting mentor
  • Great for those that want to lose weight and those that want to maintain weight loss
  • Offers option of having food delivered to your home
  • Gives results of up to two pounds per week weight loss
  • Programs available for both men and women
  • Designed for those in the U.K.
  • Having so many diets to choose from may be confusing to some

The diet portion on Tesco Diets is the base of the program. You get to choose from several different diets depending on your preferences and goals. Those that want to lose weight can choose from the GI Diet, Light Choices Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Total Wellbeing Diet, Vegetarian Diet and the Low Carb Diet. If you need a plan that accounts for specific health needs, you can choose from the Cholesterol-lowering Diet, Dairy-free Diet, Diabetes Diet, Gluten-free Diet, Heart Smart Diet, High Fiber Diet, Low Sugar Diet, Low Fat Diet and the Lower Salt Diet. There is also a Totals Diet for those that want to avoid following a specific diet plan. Each diet option gives you a synopsis of why that diet could work for you. This points out the basic elements of each diet so that you can make an informed decision.

Below is a menu for one day on the Light Choices Diet. This diet is perfect for those that want to continue eating some of their favorite foods and it allows for personal food choices. This particular diet offers three full meals and one snack each day. This diet will teach you correct portion size and how to enjoy foods in moderation.

  • Breakfast – cereal with cheese on toast and one apple
  • Lunch – Tesco Light Choices egg and cress sandwich, low fat yogurt, 1 orange
  • Dinner – 1 serving honey mustard chicken, steamed broccoli, brown rice
  • Snack – 3 whole grain crackers or crispbread with 1 tablespoon reduced fat hummus

To avoid temptation, members can select to have the items they need for their weekly diet delivered to their door for free. Your shopping list is created for you according to the plan you choose and the items you need are matched with the Tesco grocery store. All items may not be available, but those that are will be placed into your cart. You can edit your shopping list, then set up your delivery date and never have to worry about being tempted by other items in the store.


There is a fitness component available to members for an additional weekly fee. You will receive a personalized fitness program that will help you meet your goals. You simply submit what areas of your body you want to work on, what kind of exercise you like, when you want to exercise and a weekly work out plan will be generated for you. There are virtual trainers that will show you how to practice perfect form when doing the exercises. You log your progress on your account and do all of your workouts at home to avoid gym fees.


Losing weight can be a little easier when you have the right tools available. Tesco Diets offers the freedom of choosing the diet you want and the possibility of having your groceries delivered for free. Those in the U.K. that want to lose weight can benefit highly from this service. For an additional fee, you can also receive a personalized fitness program that will incorporate the exercises you like. Tesco Diets gives you all of the tools you need to be successful and get your body into the shape you want.

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Morine Barnes

TISWAS Police 5 Shaw Taylor Credit Reference Tesco Diet. I Morine Barnes is 13st 7lbs DEPRESSION. I got 3st 7lbs FAT to lose to maintain 10st Dr RB Chitre cares I care. I diet as prescribed professionalism do able 800kcal vegetarian daily and exercise 3 times a week at the gym Ivy the Nurse exercise on prescription plus 1 hour daily walk. At school I diet free school dinners, physical education, slimming class, slimming pill and Dr O'Neil green medicine. At home my parents Kathleen Smiley, Renell Barnes and Ken Bodaly cooked family meals which were English and Caribbean balanced meals and went to the gym and health spa. My parents shopped at Tesco. Morine Barnes 58. Donald 59, Myola 37 & Rommel Edwards 35. Graham 90.

posted Jun 14th, 2017 5:45 am

Bernadette Oshaughnessy

Good info

posted May 2nd, 2016 8:14 am

Bernadette Oshaughnessym


posted May 2nd, 2016 8:06 am


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