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The 3-Day Cleanse

The 3-Day Cleanse

Drink fresh juice and get back into your skinny jeans.

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Celebrities, foodies and media professionals rely on the Blueprint Cleanse for relief from the excess, overindulgence and toxins we are all exposed to every day. Now, the founders of the cleanse offer The 3-Day Cleanse, an at-home juice cleansing program for everyone.

According to some health devotees, cleansing allows the digestive system to rid itself of the toxins everyone accumulates from unhealthy eating or from the environment.

The 3-Day Cleanse is a customized program based on your own personal health and lifestyle. Unlike other programs, the Blueprint Cleanse includes enough calories and natural fats for an easier yet incredibly effective cleanse. This books guides readers through step-by-step guidelines for a 1-day, 3-day and 14-day cleanse, as well as a long-term maintenance plan.

There are sidebars with quick tips, advice from people who have done the cleanse, raw and part-raw recipes, advice on battling the urge to cheat, and tips for working the cleanse into a busy lifestyle.

The 3-Day Cleanse promises to boost your immune system, alleviate allergies, alleviate PMS, improve your mood and sex drive and clear up your skin.

Do You Know the Best Diets of 2023?

  • Will result in weight loss
  • Will make you feel lighter
  • Contains calories and fat
  • Allows you to eat food
  • No sugar or refined foods are allowed
  • May help to promote digestion, even if just temporarily
  • Encouragement of adopting a vegan lifestyle may turn off some
  • Weight loss is likely to be temporary
  • Extreme diets are often coupled by extreme relapses
  • Claims of cleanses are refuted by many health and medical professionals

The 3-Day Cleanse gives you step-by-step guidance for how to safely and nutritiously do a cleanse. In the book are cleansing programs for one day to fourteen days.

Before doing the cleanse, you are given clear instructions as to which foods you should avoid. Caffeine, sugar, dairy and refined products are the primary foods to avoid as you prepare your body and mind for the detox. From there you select a level of cleanse you want to do. The more cleanses you do, the longer the duration you work up to doing.

  • The Renovation Cleanse is for those who have never done a cleanse before and who eat and drink what they like with little regard to their health.
  • The Foundation Cleanse is for those who really want to eat healthy but sometimes fall back.
  • The Excavation Cleanse is the most intense of the cleanses and is only for those serious about health, nutrition, and exercise.

Recipes for juices, soups and salads are given. Juices should be made and consumed immediately or else their nutrient potency starts to diminish, according to the authors.

Juice recipes include the following:

  • Blueberry Apple Vanilla
  • Mango Strawberry
  • Vanilla Cinnamon Banana

Light exercise is recommended, only if you feel up to it. Walking and yoga are encouraged but strenuous activity should be avoided during the duration of your cleanse.


From the creators of the Blueprint Cleanse comes The 3-Day Cleanse, a complete guide to doing fresh juice cleanses that support your health and wellness.

While the effectiveness of cleanses is still highly contested among the medical community, The 3-Day Cleanse offers a progressive system of cleanses that allows the beginning cleanser to the advanced cleanser a chance to experience how beneficial cleansing is for them.

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