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The Blue Zones

The Blue Zones

Extend your life by years incorporating these healthy lifestyle methods.

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The Blue Zones is a book written by Dan Buettner about how to live your life and get the most longevity out of it. Buettner is a former explorer for National Geographic, and has honed in on different places in the world where people seem to live longer, areas known as Blue Zones. Through his book, The Blue Zones, he goes in-depth with the main causes of these elevated life spans and allows you the keys to add up to a full decade to your life.

The Power 9 is identified in the book – these are the nine habits that are common among all of the Blue Zone populations. The book is heavily based on interviews with those who have lived the longest, so that you are getting the information straight from the source.

One of the key elements to living a long life is exercise, but not like you may think. Buettner mentions that Americans exercise too hard. He has found that those enjoying long and full lives have regular low-intensity exercise as a part of their daily life.

The Blue Zones is not only focusing on helping you live longer, but also helping you live better. One of the key elements of the book that can show you a great benefit is carefully choosing your “right tribe." It turns out that if you have close friends who engage in unhealthy eating habits, you are more likely to do the same. However, if you have friends who are healthy and exercise regularly, you are more likely to do that as well. Associating yourself with the right kind of people can be a tremendous benefit to your health.

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  • Program looks at real-life examples to pattern after
  • Light daily physical activity instead of strenuous exercise
  • Nine overall principles to follow
  • See benefits from incorporating just a few of the principles at a time
  • Possibly add years to your life
  • Having a close support system is recommended
  • Blue Zones discussed on Oprah in 2009 with Dr. Oz
  • Some concepts like location aren’t so easily achieved
  • May be difficult for some to implement due to necessary daily commitments such as work or school
  • Focus on staying young and not necessarily on losing weight

The diet portion of this book discusses the diets of those who have enjoyed long and full lives. This diet may include some variation of lots of water, a lot of vegetables, a limited amount of meat and fat and a limited number of sweets or desserts. A sample meal might include:

  • Breakfast: Whole grain oats with sliced peaches
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup, snack mix of various nuts and seeds
  • Dinner: Fresh salmon with a vegetable medley

The emphasis on exercise with this program is light and consistent. Many of the Blue Zones across the world do not use automobiles as their main source of transportation. Exercise may consist of:

  • Daily walks through town or the neighborhood
  • Riding a bike to run errands rather than driving
  • Gardening

The Blue Zones approach to living a long life while staying young seems to be a very good one. Some of the elements of living in a close surrounding with the people you care about can be a huge benefit. Having a support system close by as well as people that share your interest in daily activities allows you to continue down that path to reach your goals.

Although the Blue Zones doesn’t seem to have weight loss as its top focus, the program can help you extend your life and live healthier overall. Staying young while enjoying many years on this earth seems to be what a lot of people are striving for. The Blue Zones book tells you just how to do that.

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I ordered both the books, and at the age of 46, I will take full advantage of the principles, and experiences of the ones who have outlived most.

posted Apr 2nd, 2011 12:17 pm

Richard Byrne

This is not practical for me. What fert. do they put on the garden out back...we can just guess.

posted Sep 26th, 2009 6:16 am


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