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The Diet Plate

The Diet Plate

Portion control has never been easier.

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If you are fed up with your food scale or measuring cup then check out the Diet Plate, an incredibly innovative creation that makes portion control easy and error-free.

The Diet Plate provides measured sectioned or calibrated areas for the various types of food that make up your daily diet, such as protein, starchy carbohydrates, vegetables, dairy and fat. There are Diet Plates for women, men, children and even a cereal bowl so that you're not spooning up a 400-calorie breakfast.

There is no need to count calories, carbs or fat grams while using The Diet Plate as the five sectioned areas determine how much of each food you can eat. The Diet Plate can be used for any type of food from American cuisine to Thai or Italian. It is also encouraged that you follow the Diet Plate Weight Management System Plan which outlines a clear diet and exercise weight loss program.

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  • Offers a creative way to monitor portion control
  • Can be used with any kind of cuisine
  • Specific plates for men, women and children
  • Comes with a diet and exercise plan
  • May help to teach you how to eyeball healthy portions
  • Can "pile" food on plate
  • Still need to count calories
  • Discrepancy of calories in foods can lead to consuming more calories
  • Some foods can't be used on the Diet Plate
  • Not very convenient for eating out

Each Diet Plate is divided into five sections: starchy carbohydrate, cheese measure, protein section, sauce circle and veggie area. The bulk of the plate is reserved for low-starch veggies with tapered partitions sectioning off one area from another.

In regards to actual measurements, the protein portion for the female Diet Plate holds 2-3 ounces of protein, the starchy carbohydrate section holds 3-4 ounces of carbs, the cheese section holds about a 1" cube of cheese or a small pat of butter. But since there is discrepancy in the calorie content of cheeses and butter, you still may need to investigate the nutrition content of foods.

The Diet Plate Weight Management System Plan looks like this:

  • For breakfast you can eat two pieces of fruit and a bowl of any cereal using The Diet Plate Calorie Controlled Breakfast Bowl, or two pieces of fruit, boiled egg and one slice of whole-grain toast.

  • For lunch, you can eat 300-400 calories plus a piece of fruit.

  • Dinner can be whatever you like as long as you use the portions outlined in The Diet Plate.

The program also recommends that you eat a maximum of two slices of bread every day and includes tips for how to incorporate sweets and sugars into your diet.


You are strongly encouraged to exercise everyday. The program does not outline a formal fitness routine for you, but it does recommend that you take part in a daily exercise that you enjoy doing.


The Diet Plate is a creative way to assist you in monitoring how much you are eating. Partitioned sections on a plate show you how much you should be eating of a certain food so that you don't overdo it.

But the product is far from perfect as it leaves room for you to vertically stack food on your plate, it also does not provide a solution for how to deal with foods that contain a number of sections in one dish such as lasagna or pizza, and it still requires that you look into the calorie content of certain foods.

Nonetheless, if you are someone who is clueless about portion control, The Diet Plate may be a successful weight loss kitchen accessory.

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Good review, but Diet Plate does accommodate combination foods such as lasagne or cottage pie, the instructions are in the booklet. I lost six stones using it and 5 dress sizes and now I can safely say i know what I am allowed to eat should i be at a restaurant. Diet Plate is a great tangible aid to slimming, if a person wants to cheat on a diet then there is not much that will stop them, but for those who want an easier option than forever counting calories, then the Diet Plate is the answer. It is only lunch time that you would need to count calories - the diet plate automatically does it for you.

posted Sep 1st, 2010 9:01 am


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