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The Every Other Day Diet

The Every Other Day Diet

Lose weight and still eat the foods you love.

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The Every Other Day Diet is a weight loss program that was created by author Jon Benson, found in the book The QOD Diet. Unlike other diets that require willpower to make it through them, the Every Other Day Diet allows you to eat what you want every other day. Although the diet does require some willpower, it doesn’t have to include a complete overhaul of all your habits at once.

The Every Other Day Diet eases into some changes so that you can incorporate them into lifestyle changes.

The basics of the plan include something called calorie cycling. For two days, you eat more calories than your body needs. Then for two days you eat fewer calories than your body needs. You'll alternate between calorie restriction and fasting. Over a week, you end up creating a calorie deficit which leads to weight loss. This keeps your body from knowing that you are restricting calories and going into starvation mode.

There are three different variations of the program, but all focus on a seven day for calorie cycling. All of the plans have what are called burn and feed days. Burn days consist of eating less calories than your body needs and consuming lots of high fiber foods and lean proteins. Feed days allow you to eat more of the foods you love. There are strict limitations of course. During these days you’ll eat about one and a half times the calories your body needs.

Instead of focusing on counting calories, the Every Other Day Diet focuses on each individual’s hands as measurements for their portion sizes.

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  • Enjoy the foods you love while losing weight
  • Slowly integrate new, healthier habits
  • Available in eBook form for immediate access
  • Prevents starvation mode
  • Different variations of the program to choose from
  • All based on a seven-day cycle
  • Requires exercise to see results
  • Could lead to binging
  • Not recommended for those with 25 or more pounds to lose
  • Not sustainable for the long term

Eating on the Every Other Day Diet, or QOD Diet, is part of the main draw. Eating on this program consists of feed days and burn days. All of the possible plans available are based on a seven-day eating cycle. Each variation of the program rotates calories with carbs, protein and fats.

During your feed days, you are able to enjoy some of your favorite foods within the plan's guidelines. You may consume up to one and a half times your normal daily caloric intake on these days. Feed days typically consist of 1200-1800 calories for women and 1800-2400 calories for men. All of your foods are measured by using sections of your hand. For the measurements, your palm may represent the portion size of your protein while your thumbs will measure condiments.

You aren’t forced to count calories on this program which can come as a true relief to many. Typically you can have as many greens as you want with this program.

The burn days of the program are where you focus more on actually burning off excess calories. On burn days you consume one-half to two-thirds of your baseline caloric needs, usually 300-400 calories. On these days you eat a lot of veggies and low-calorie but high-fiber foods as well as lean proteins.


Exercise is an absolute must with the Every Other Day Diet. You don’t have to spend hours each day in the gym, but cardio exercise is highly recommended. This program gives instruction that the body is ready to lose weight on the burn days, and exercising on those days will further help aid in weight loss. Some of the recommended exercises include running or jogging and walking. Compared to many diet plans, the level of exercise required on this plan is definitely doable.


When looking for a diet plan that gives the flexibility of eating your favorite foods while still losing weight, the Every Other Day Diet, or QOD Diet appears to be a great plan. It may be difficult to stick with on the burn days since the caloric intake is so low, but the idea is that type of calorie restriction only happens every other day. If you can make it through the low-calorie burn days and fit in some exercise, this plan can be highly successful one for you.

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