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The Flavor Point Diet

The Flavor Point Diet

Control your appeite and weight with the science of flavor.

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If you're looking for a science-based approach to weight loss that is backed by research, then look no further. The Flavor Point Diet, by health guru David Katz, M.D. and his wife, Catherine Katz, is a weight loss program that is based on the science of flavors and their effects on appetite.

Termed "sensory specific satiety" research, this developing discipline of health science focuses on how flavors stimulate the appetite. The main concept behind sensory specific satiety is the less number of flavors you consume, the less you eat. Too many flavors fire up your appetite causing you to eat more.

The Flavor Point Diet is a 6-week program in which you retrain your palate and consequently, your appetite to avoid eating too much. Each week, focuses on eating a certain flavor theme and the program includes 100 healthy recipes that follow the sensory specific satiety principles. You can expect to lose up to 16 pounds while following the Flavor Point Diet.

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  • Variety of foods are consumed throughout the course of the diet
  • Backed by scientific research and written by leading medical experts
  • Diet is full of nutritious foods that are low in fat, high in fiber and healthy all around
  • Allows dieter to better understand how the kinds of foods they eat, stimulate the appetite
  • Offers a long-term solution to maintaining a healthy weight without feeling deprived
  • Encourages active lifestyle
  • Not a lot of variety at one time
  • May appear gimmicky
  • Multi-phasic plan may feel monotonous

The first two weeks of The Flavor Point Diet will be focused on educating you on how to filter and organize flavors. In the first phase, which lasts four weeks, each day you eat one specific flavor throughout the entire day. The plan is very well-laid out and includes sample menus and recipes for you to follow. Here is the first phase broken down according to flavors:

  • Week 1: raisin/currant, pineapple, cranberry, lemon, peach, orange, apple
  • Week 2: tomato, carrot, mushroom, onion, pumpkin, spinach, bell pepper
  • Week 3: apple, tomato, almond, thyme, walnut, sesame, basil
  • Week 4: spinach, orange, mint, lemon, pecan, dill, cranberry

For instance, on pineapple-themed day, you'll have a pineapple smoothie for breakfast, pineapple-walnut chicken salad for lunch, and pineapple shrimp for dinner. On lemon-themed day, you'll have lemon-poppy muffins for breakfast, lemon tabbouleh salad for lunch, and lemon-flavored tilapia for dinner. You can choose to follow a 1,500 or 1,300 calorie program.

The second phase of the program involves eating a few flavors in one day but keeping meals and snacks limited to just one flavor-theme. The final phase involves taking what you learned and applying it to your daily food choices. During this maintenance phase, you are encouraged to read food labels, eat whole foods and limit the amount of flavors you eat in one sitting.


The Flavor Point diet is more focused on diet than exercise, but you are encouraged to engage in regular physical activity while you follow this program.


The Flavor Point is a well-researched and well-laid out eating plan that encourages you to keep your diet simple in flavor and avoid over-stimulating your appetite with flavor combinations like sweet and salty in one meal or snack.

Praised by nutrition and health experts for its reliance on whole foods, vegetables, proteins, fiber, whole grains and moderate amounts of fat, The Flavor Point offers an effective 6-week solution for weight loss and a long-term solution for maintaining a healthy weight.

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