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The Floss Diet

The Floss Diet

Use oral restriction devices to control portions and caloric intake.

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The Floss Diet by Henryka Ternier is a book that offers a way to change eating habits that is effective by using an oral restrictive device to regulate your food intake. The Floss Diet takes you through how to use oral devices, how they work and how to pair them with food and exercise. The book is fairly short and to the point. Basically the author shares her personal story of struggling with weight, and the events that led her to come up with the idea of The Floss Diet. The Floss Diet by definition is an innovative method in which dental floss is fashioned and self-administered as an oral restrictive device and behavior modification tool. You can use this oral device to have real and interactive support that helps moderate food intake. The floss restricts the opening between teeth. Having a smaller opening requires smaller pieces of food to pass through, which slows down the ability to ingest food. As a result your brain can receive the signal that the stomach is full using less food and fewer calories.

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  • Can be an effective way to restrict calories
  • Book encourages calorie restriction and exercise
  • Offers a simple solution using dental floss and a few other tools
  • Discuses various oral devices that can be used
  • Speaks candidly of the stigma involved with using oral restriction devices
  • Safer than diet pills that claim to reduce your appetite
  • Reduces calories without harmful substances
  • Includes pictures for proper technique
  • Works with the diet of your choice
  • May not appeal to men
  • Possible stigma associations may keep people from giving this a real chance
  • Not recommended for those with bridges, crowns, implants or other dental devices

In The Floss Diet, Ternier shares with you the best brands of floss to use and lets you know all of the tools you will need to create your device. There are plenty of photos to show you how to insert the floss properly. The tools you will need include dental floss, safety scissors, a dental pick and tweezers. There is other diet related information included in The Floss Diet like the definition of a calorie, BMR, and daily calorie needs depending on weight and activity level. There is an emphasis placed on the types of foods you eat and you are encouraged to learn their calorie content. Although the main focus of The Floss Diet is on using the oral device, you are still given sound advice on food and nutrition. When using The Floss Diet you can combine it with the diet of your choice. This makes it much easier to stick with because there is no list of do’s and don’ts with this program.


Exercise is encouraged because the body was made to move. Whether you go to a gym or workout at home, you need to move. Although you are encouraged to get exercise in, there are no specific guidelines given.


There are many different diet methods and pills on the market that claim to offer dramatic results with no effort. The Floss Diet gives a different approach that is inexpensive and doesn’t involve a long list of unrecognizable ingredients. Using an oral restrictive device made of dental floss may be the help that is needed for those that have trouble controlling their portion sizes or eat too quickly. There are no outrageous weight loss claims involved; just a simple reduction of calories through oral restraint that you are completely in control of.

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