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The Graham Diet

The Graham Diet

A puritanical diet from the man who invented the graham cracker.

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A diet that mirrored the puritanical beliefs of its time, the Graham Diet, developed by Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham in the nineteenth century, sought to temper feelings of lust and desire while maintaining a strong sense of health.

An early advocate of vegetarianism, Graham also supported a teetotaler lifestyle. He fervently believed that an unhealthy diet instigated an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, his Graham Diet represented his philosophies and beliefs even though he was often criticized by those in his community for his zealotry.

Irrespective of his dietary and philosophical beliefs, Graham is famous for inventing the graham cracker, a staple American snack food.

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  • A vegetarian diet is very healthy when followed correctly
  • Alcohol has been linked to an increased risk of certain diseases and cancers
  • Linking food choices to philosophical beliefs can strengthen adherence to diet
  • Beliefs of the underlying diet may be a turn-off
  • Moderate drinking has been linked to certain health benefits
  • No basis that a vegetarian lifestyle curbs lust or alcoholism

The Graham Diet is a vegetarian eating plan that strictly avoids alcohol and white bread. As part of his dietary plan, he invented Graham Bread, a kind of additive-free and whole-grain bread that was coarse in texture that has later become known as the modern day graham cracker.

The Graham Diet allowed for an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and high fiber foods. Milk, cheese and eggs were consumed on occasion and only if they were very fresh. Since Graham linked anything coming from an animal to impure thoughts, he was an early advocate of a vegan lifestyle.


There are no exercise guidelines for following the Graham Diet.


Ridiculed for the philosophical beliefs that underlined the Graham Diet, this strict vegetarian diet prohibited meat, alcohol and other foods for their claimed potential to incite immoral conduct and sexual desire.

Although the Graham Diet is no longer practiced today, Sylvester Graham still lives on through his invention of the Graham cracker and his views on animal products, which have served as supportive arguments for a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

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