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The Green Pregnancy Diet

The Green Pregnancy Diet

Eat healthy for you, your baby and the planet.

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Pregnancy is one of the most sacred times in any mother-to-be's life. Most women use these nine months to bump up their nutrition and pay extra special attention to how they care for their bodies and the little life growing inside of them. The Green Pregnancy Diet, written by Radha McLean and reviewed by Tara Gidus, RD, provides the pregnant woman with all she needs to know about how to choose and cook foods that are healthy, non-toxic and chemical-free while also giving into those midnight cravings.

The Green Pregnancy Diet is a vegetarian eating guide that includes more than 20 simple recipes as well as information on the health and environmental benefits of eating an organic and vegetarian diet, tips for a creating a green kitchen and nutrient and supplement recommendations.

The Green Pregnancy Diet helps you maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy while also enjoying food and ensuring that your diet is benefiting you, your baby and the planet.

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  • Shows how you can eat a healthy vegetarian diet while pregnant
  • Promotes eating organic, toxic-free and whole foods
  • Benefits mom, baby and planet
  • Recipes are easy to make
  • Information and diet is simple to understand and follow
  • Includes other household suggestions for greening your home
  • Provides suggestions for how to gradually reduce your meat and poultry consumption
  • Vegetarian diet may not appeal to some pregnant women
  • May be hard to stick to throughout entire pregnancy
  • Does not include any information on exercise

The "diet" in The Green Pregnancy Diet is perhaps a misnomer since this book does not have you counting calories, fat grams or points. Rather, this vegetarian-based eating plan provides you with the tools you need to make smart and nutritious food choices for you, your unborn child and the planet.

But even if you aren't a full-fledged vegetarian and don't want to be, The Green Pregnancy Diet suggests that you can do your health and the planet's health a favor by simply cutting back on how much meat you consume each week.

Overall, the book recommends that you eat a whole-foods diet comprised of plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, beans, tofu, and prenatal-specific supplements. Recipes are simple to make and include ingredients that can be found in any grocery store that carries organic food.

On The Green Pregnancy Diet, you might eat a breakfast of an egg-less scramble or muesli. Lunch might be kale quesadillas and wheat-free banana bread and dinner could be either whole-grain crepes with cheese, asparagus and walnut filling or vegetable kasha followed by green lime pie made with avocados and dates.

The Green Pregnancy Diet does not feature a daily or weekly meal planner.


There are no exercise guidelines.


The importance of sound nutrition habits during pregnancy has been heavily researched and yielded conclusive findings: That a healthy diet is paramount to the health of mom and baby. The Green Pregnancy Diet emphasizes not only the importance of this well-known information but it also illustrates how a vegetarian-based pregnancy diet can be beneficial for the planet as well.

Featuring easy-to-make recipes, information on macro and micro nutrients and supplements, The Green Pregnancy Diet is a simple guide that helps you make smart food choices while also giving in to your pregnancy cravings.

But be aware that this is a slim book - just about 120 pages. And while recipes may be tasty, they don't feature any pictures and for those not used to eating a vegetarian diet, they may experience digestive troubles given the vegetable-rich nature of the recipes.

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This is a really smart guide to help women eat for two in a way that's healthy for them and the baby.

posted Jul 17th, 2009 10:45 am


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