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The Secret to Skinny

The Secret to Skinny

Why cutting salt from your diet can help you lose weight.

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The Secret to Skinny is a weight loss book created by The Nutrition Twins, Lyssie Lakatos, R.D.and her sister Tammy Lakatos Shames, R.D., who together have been featured on the cover of Woman's World, and have appeared in publications including Cosmopolitan, Self, Good Housekeeping, Vogue, and O Magazine.

The Nutrition Twins suggest that the secret to being skinny has to do with moderating how much salt you get in your diet. Too much salt leads to weight gain, bloat, fluid retention and a craving for other salty and sweet snack foods. But unfortunately, salt is found in practically any processed food whether it's a sugary breakfast cereal, a fast-food burger or a can of low-fat minestrone soup.

The Secret to Skinny features a four-week salt-slashing and pound-slashing diet that trims sodium from your diet without trimming the flavor. In addition to losing weight, you will also benefit from the health benefits that come from watching the sodium in your diet like lower blood pressure and improved heart and kidney function.

On the diet, you will learn how to incorporate key foods - the Anti-Bloaters, Flushers, and Slimmers - foods that get and keep you lean by ridding your body of excess salt and revving your metabolism for maximum fat burning. You'll also discover the Bloaters, Pluggers, Chubbers, and Flabbers - the everyday foods that are derailing your best efforts.

You'll start by following a 10-day jump start plan, which promises to help drop pounds quickly and then you'll move to the remainder of the diet, which features 14 days worth of meals and snack ideas, low-sodium recipes, simple 'salternatives' and food swaps that subtract pounds and add years to your life and tricks to help reduce salt cravings.

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  • Created by two well-known and respected registered dietitians
  • Following a low-sodium diet protects against eating processed foods
  • Teaches how to make smarter and cleaner food choices
  • Retrains the tastebuds
  • Female target audience may dissuade men from following it

The Secret to Skinny is a four-week diet that includes a 10-day jump start plan as well as a maintenance plan.

Complete with menus, recipes and red and green light foods, you will also learn how to avoid salt-heavy foods, how to select the best low-sodium foods, six key ways how eating too much salt contributes to weight gain, as well as how salt impacts the function of your heart, kidneys and insulin levels.

The Secret to Skinny involves eating clean foods that are rich in nutrients as well as those that help to reduce bloat and fluid retention in your body. Not only is The Secret to Skinny about losing weight, but it is also about improving your appearance as salt contributes to puffiness and bloat.

In the Secret to Skinny you will learn how to incorporate simple and flavorful low-sodium swaps into your diet for high-sodium ones. The inclusion of salt-free flavorings like fresh herbs, spices and fruit juices are used in place of sodium-rich dressings, marinades and table salt.

Each phase of the diet includes daily meal plans. A sample day might look like this:

  • Breakfast: Whole-grain oatmeal topped with berries and raw almonds
  • Lunch: Green salad with tons of veggies, chicken breast flavored with herbs and dressed in lemon juice and olive oil
  • Dinner: Seasoned vegetables, herbed salmon and a sweet potato topped with spices

The Secret to Skinny's exercise plan includes a combination of cardiovascular exercise as a way to rev up metabolism and sweat out excess sodium from your body and a strength-training component as a way to build lean and strong muscles. For those looking to lose weight, interval training, the kind of exercise that cycles between low to moderate to high intensity, is recommended.


Created by The Nutrition Twins, The Secret to Skinny is a low-sodium weight loss plan that not only teaches you about how excess sodium in your diet can contribute to weight gain and a host of other medical conditions but it also lays out a clear four-week plan that helps you to lose weight, improve your appearance and retrain your salt-craving tastebuds.

Written by two accomplished and well-known registered dietitians, who happen to be sisters, The Secret to Skinny is an informative and instructive guide for anyone looking to reduce the amount of salt in their diet and improve their health.

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