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The Self-Compassion Diet

The Self-Compassion Diet

Learning to love yourself first can help you shed weight.

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The Self-Compassion Diet is a book that guides you through practicing loving-kindness while you lose weight. This book was written by Jean Fain who is a licensed psychotherapist. She uses hypnosis and mindfulness to treat eating issues. Her book, The Self-Compassion Diet offers an approach for you to transform the way you feel about food and your body which will translate into a physical change. Instead of taking on the attitude that you will like yourself better if you lose weight, this program teaches you to love yourself so that you can lose weight. This book teaches you to accept yourself in your current state, so that you can embrace the physical changes you are trying to make.

The Self-Compassion Diet can eliminate the shame that comes with other diets. You can create a relationship with food that will allow you to live in harmony with it instead of viewing it as the enemy. You make gradual changes to develop better eating habits, learn to listen to your inner diet advisor and learn how to trust your body’s signals that it is full. Fain offers you four weight loss strategies that have been proven to work – self-love, mindfulness, self-hypnosis and group support. Fain believes that self-compassion is the thing that all diets lack. By getting rid of self loathing, you can use The Self-Compassion Diet to indulge in healthy portions of loving-kindness.

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  • Teaches you to love yourself before addressing weight loss
  • Book written by a licensed psychotherapist
  • Uses weight loss strategies that have been proven to work
  • Provides the missing link of self-compassion to a diet
  • Highly praised by those in the self-compassion community
  • Can be used with other diets if you choose
  • Offers suggestions rather than a clear cut diet and exercise recommendation which may not work for everyone

Rather than receive a bunch of menus and diet recipes, The Self-Compassion Diet will show you how to make changes through first embracing yourself in your current situation. Once you have learned to love yourself, you can naturally flow into healthier food choices. You will see results through four sets of guided practices that Fain’s clients have had tremendous success with. With this book, you will learn to:

  • Cultivate self-compassion and get a handle on emotional eating
  • Give yourself positive suggestions and lose twice as much weight and keep it off longer
  • Binge less by eating more mindfully
  • Stay the weight-loss course with in-person or online help

To help you figure out how you truly view yourself, there is an eating quiz that you take within the book. This quiz will help you have your current attitude in writing so that you can work on those behaviors and possible negative attitudes you might have.


There is no specific information on exercising as the book focuses on the mental aspect of weight loss and attitudes towards food.


The Self-Compassion Diet takes a new approach to dieting by addressing psychological issues first. This is a great book for anyone that has dealt with issues with weight loss and unhealthy food behaviors. Learning to lose weight through self-love, mindfulness, self-hypnosis and group support can easily help you stop dieting and start living. This book has been praised by many in the self-help area of expertise as the missing link that so many diets neglect to address.

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