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The Silver Cloud Diet

The Silver Cloud Diet

Dr. Salerno’s Sustainable Diet for the 21st Century

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According to Dr. John Salerno, a medical professional with more than 20 years’ experience treating individuals with weight issues: “It’s not your fault you’re fat.”

The United States food and pharmaceutical industries have drastically changed the American food supply – for the worse. America’s most overweight generations were set up for failure by the nation’s highly processed, sugar-rich Western diet.

Salerno, former preceptor at Yale Medical School and founder of The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine, designed the Silver Cloud Diet from the Atkins Diet as a solution to the food supply problem. He said that the protocols that worked for so many of Dr. Robert Atkins’ patients more than 30 years ago will not work today because of the degraded food supply.

Ordinary people can protect themselves against bad food by eating organic produce, choosing wild-caught fish and grass-fed beef and drinking filtered water that is not in a plastic bottle. By taking these simple precautions and following the Silver Cloud Diet, people can stabilize their weight, improve their health and extend their lives.

Diet and nutrition are focused on unprocessed, organic foods that are locally grown and simply prepared for meals that taste good and nourish the body properly. Foods will be high in protein and low-carb, but people will not eat low-fat, fat free or “diet” foods.

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  • Weight loss and health benefits are immediate during detox phase
  • Calorie-counting and food journaling are unnecessary because the diet teaches portion size
  • Diet explains how food affects several preventable disease from a medical professional
  • Includes case studies and success stories
  • Includes 75 low-carb recipes developed by James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Linda West Eckhardt
  • Includes meal planning and food guidelines
  • Detox phase causes constipation
  • Calorie-counting has been known to aid in weight loss; some people might need to use a food journal
  • Diet and nutrition are restricted to protein and healthy fats
  • Does not include fitness routine or exercise advice
  • Closely resembles the Atkins Diet

The Silver Cloud Diet is a step-by-step program that focuses on diet and nutrition with instructions for using food to lose weight and maintain weight loss for life. The diet is based on eating real, unprocessed foods with plenty of fat and protein to regulate the body, control hunger and prevent cravings.

The diet and nutrition program begins with Salerno’s two-week detox phase called the “Full Fat Fast.” During the fast, individuals will eat five small meals a day consisting of organic meats, fish and poultry, sausages, full fat cheese and eggs. The purpose of the detoxification phase is to cleanse the body of toxins and to remove the massive amount of carbohydrates and sugar stored in the body as fat. During this phase, Salerno has seen patients lose five to 15 pounds and have increased energy levels, shinier hair and glowing skin.

Note: The detox might cause bouts of constipation, which can be fixed by eating three tablespoons of shirataki, the “miracle noodle,” with meals or as a snack.

After the first two weeks, individuals turn from detox to diet in the second phase called “The Marathon.” During “The Marathon,” individuals will eat a variety of organic meats, fish and poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. However, each food group is reintroduced to the body in stages. Complex carbohydrates are introduced to the diet slowly beginning with dark, leafy vegetables, and then adding berries, beans and seeds. Whole grains, which are fiber- and carb-rich, come last.

The Silver Cloud Diet also includes nutritional supplements to reduce inflammation and destroy free radicals for a stronger immune system.


The Silver Cloud Diet focuses on diet and nutrition. However, Salerno also advocates for regular exercise to ensure good health and longevity. No workout routines are included, but Salerno does provide resources for individuals to learn how to begin an exercise program. In addition, he advises individuals to get a personal trainer and walk every day.


The Silver Cloud Diet provides tools and strategies for weight loss under the assumption that diet should be protein-rich with plenty of healthy fats and few carbs –much like the Atkins Diet. Complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, are not as important as organic meats, fish and poultry. The Silver Cloud Diet claims that it is a more advanced version of the Atkins Diet designed to work in the 21st century. The diet and nutrition program also resembles the Paleo diet trend, which focuses on eating the meats, seeds, fruits and vegetables our Paleolithic ancestors had available to them. No exercise program or fitness routine is included so physical activity is left up to the individual following the diet and nutrition program.

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