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The Simple Diet

The Simple Diet

Reno has written a compelling book about the emotional struggles of overeating, weight gain and weight loss.

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Renowned health author Tosca Reno has written many book, and is primarily known for her Eat-Clean Diet series, and New York Times Bestseller Your Best Body Now. Her newest release in 2012 will no doubt strike a similar chord with her dedicated readers.

The Simple Diet is designed to be just that, simple. Reno offers simple steps to create easy sustainable weight loss.

More than a plan for diet and exercise, Reno spends a large portion of the book dealing with the emotional side of overeating. She writes her personal story of weight struggle and depression, a topic she had only briefly touched on previously in her writings. As a current fitness model and motivational speaker, Reno’s story of struggle is very inspiring to readers.

Using the concepts of emotional eating, Reno asks readers to journal as they go through her simple plan.

The two main steps in Reno’s plan include identifying what she calls your “hidden food” and to start “moving, a little.” Reno encourages readers to find that food they use in secret or use as comfort. For her, she ate ice cream, peanut butter, or cheese at night after everyone had gone to bed. This relieved her stress, but caused her weight to bloom from 127 pounds to nearly 200 over the years.

Other testimonies include stories of people drinking wine, Coke, using mayonnaise in everything, and constant snacking on pre-packaged baked goods. Reno walks users through the first step of removing these foods.

Once the reader is comfortable she encourages them to move to step two, moving. Reno walks the reader through incredibly simple actions that can be incorporated into their normal day. The gym is not ever required in her plan.

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  • The plan is simple, just like the title implies
  • There are no special foods that need to be purchased
  • The author addresses emotional eating
  • Includes several helpful lists
  • Breaks down simple nutrition and explains the importance of each food group
  • The book offers helpful tips for unique scenarios, like parties, traveling, and restaurants
  • Several testimonies of people who have achieved success
  • Workouts range from extremely moderate to medium, nearly all abilities can participate
  • Promotes journaling
  • May not appeal to those just looking for a diet
  • If the reader doesn’t take their time in the steps, they may become overwhelmed with all the changes at once
  • The book doesn’t include a specific diet, per se, it sticks to guidelines and suggestions

The Simple Plan calls for users to ditch their emotional “hidden food” and to start eating real food with real nutrition. Author Tosca Reno encourages whole foods with no preservatives and “anti-food” properties, or chemicals and hydrogenated oils.

Staples that are recommended while using the Simple Plan include lots of fruits, vegetable, herbs, nuts, whole grains, lean dairy and protein, beans and legumes, and natural sweeteners. Reno encourages proper serving sizes and always drinking water with food. SHe provides nearly a month's worth of meal planning and several healthy recipes to get a reader started on a better path.


The Simple Plan focuses on the idea of incorporating activity into your natural life, in a moderate way. Reno provides three lists of ways to start moving in your daily life.

The first list is about using everyday activities, the second is about basic, easy movements, and the third is a list of sports-like activities. These lists include activities like putting the laundry away one piece at a time, walking around the block, and cycling. Each list increases in intensity as the user grows stronger.

Reno emphasizes that no gym or equipment is required to follow The Simple Diet, although they can be useful, but not necessary. Reno encourages that one should do these activities 15-20 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week and then build more time as endurance and strength increases. Reno also suggest all readers see their doctor before starting any of the activities.


Reno has written a compelling book about the emotional struggles of overeating, weight gain and weight loss. She’s written a story that many can relate to. She has also offered simple tips on how to start changing and beginning a new journey to a healthier life. As Reno is now a fitness model, the truths she's trying to teach in The Simple Diet seem relateable and effective. She provides sound nutritional advice when she explains whole foods, the food groups, and preservatives and chemicals. The author also includes meal plans and recipes, making her simple plan, just that - simple.

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