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The Skinny Rules

The Skinny Rules

Follow these rules to a healthy lifestyle.

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The Skinny Rules is a book that features 101 secrets every skinny girl knows. This book by Molly Morgan offers a fun approach to helping you figure out what the skinny girls already know. These rules deal with the fact that many women can eat what they want and never have to diet. Morgan has compiled this list to help those that may not be as fortunate when it comes to food. Morgan is a registered dietician and nutritionist. She defines the meaning of skinny and shares her personal story of signing her book contract three weeks after the birth of her second son. This book embraces the fact that being skinny is a lifestyle and not a certain dress size. It challenges you to think of living the skinny life as living healthy and active. There are several sections which the skinny rules are divided into. Everything from fashion to cooking to eating and exercise is covered in this book.

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  • Redefines what it means to be skinny
  • Written by a registered dietician and nutritionist
  • Teaches lifestyle changes instead of just dietary changes
  • Encourages an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Each skinny rule is easy to understand
  • Encourages healthier eating choices and exercise
  • None to speak of

Each rule in The Skinny Rules is easy to follow and understand. There are some rules that associate with food while others focus on exercise and other areas. There is no specific diet laid out in this book, but rather suggestions on tweaking the foods you eat to make them better. There are also rules on cooking and ordering when you’re eating away from home. There are some skinny rules that focus on doing a meal makeover and some suggestions on how to make certain fattening foods healthier. You are encouraged to splurge everyday and get plenty of sleep. Some of the food related skinny rules include:

  • Opt for fast food over restaurants
  • Eat like a kid
  • Curb your cravings
  • Downsize your bowl
  • Eat fewer processed foods
  • Snack throughout the day
  • Fill the fruit bowl
  • Eat more plant foods

There are some skinny rules that are specific to exercise. The Skinny Rules sections off the rules so that all exercise skinny rules are grouped together. This book encourages a skinny lifestyle which is one that is healthy and active. If you are going to be successful at living skinny, the exercise is part of that equation. Some of the skinny rules that deal with exercise include:

  • Try yoga
  • Do it at home
  • Make exercise a habit
  • Play the pounds away
  • Train like a pro athlete
  • Be consistent
  • Record it and track it
  • Learn to love exercise

The Skinny Rules encourages what everyone should strive for: a healthy and active lifestyle. Once you’ve incorporated just a few of these rules, you will definitely see some results. Keep in mind that being skinny with these rules does not mean you wear certain size clothing. It simply means that you are taking care of your body through proper eating and getting some activity in.

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This is a great book. I'm currently dieting and exercising and this book keeps me motivated by giving me tips and research that not only makes me think but makes me take a second look at how im taking care of myself. The links, resources, and notable persons named keeps me sure of what im reading and helps me stay on track. I'm now back to healthy way and staying with it thanks to tips and guides from this book. I'd recommend it to anyone, not to people just losing weight or getting healthy!

posted Mar 9th, 2012 6:11 pm


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