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The Thyroid Diet

The Thyroid Diet

Manage your thyroid condition and finally lose weight.

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The thyroid gland may be small, but its functions are powerful, especially when it comes to the regulation of metabolism and keeping weight at a healthy number.

It is estimated that 60 million Americans have a thyroid condition, which can result in a sluggish metabolism and gradual weight gain. Up until a few years ago, very little was known about the connection between the thyroid disease and weight gain. But now more research is being conducted on this nebulous condition so that those affected by it can control not just the disorder, but their health as well.

In The Thyroid Diet: Your Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss, author Mary Shomon offers unsuccessful dieters practical and effective solutions that will help them to finally conquer their weight problems and control their thyroid condition.

The book, which serves as both a guide and a program, shows you how to manage metabolism with certain foods, metabolism-supporting herbs and supplements. It also contains several different eating plans, food lists, recipes, progress tracking reports, and resources so that you can be in charge of your health rather than having your thyroid condition manage you.

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  • Includes effective, healthy and safe ways to manage a thyroid condition
  • Encourages being responsible and proactive about your health
  • Features conventional and alternative strategies to improving health
  • Promotes a healthy and well-rounded diet and exercise plan
  • Written by a thyroid patient advocate who understands this disease from first-hand experience
  • Tailored to people with thyroid disease

There are three meal plans that are included in The Thyroid Diet, and you will determine which plan is best for you after taking an assessment in the beginning of the book. The three plans are: The Free-Form Plan, Carb-Sensitive Plan and Calorie-Sensitive Plan.

While the plans may vary in their specifics, they all follow a general eating plan that is comprised of a diet that is high in fiber, lower calorie and low on the glycemic scale. Rather than eating three large meals, six mini-meals and snacks are encouraged in order to keep your metabolism always running and burning. Each meal or snack will include a carbohydrate paired with a lean protein source such as whole grain crackers and string cheese.

Learning proper portion control is an integral component of The Thyroid Diet. Easy comparisons and measurement charts are featured so that you can educate yourself about what appropriate portion sizes are whether you are dining out or eating at home. Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day is another Thyroid Diet Must-Do.


Getting in daily exercise is key to not just losing weight but to keeping it off and maintaining an elevated metabolism. The Thyroid Diet suggests that you partake in a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day or more, particularly if you are trying to lose weight. A combination of cardiovascular and strength-training workouts are recommended since the cardio element will rev up your metabolism for an immediate calorie burn and strength training will offer you a more continual caloric burn as you increase your lean muscle mass.


The Thyroid Diet, a New York Times Bestselling book, is one of the most definitive guides on thyroid diseases and their connection to weight gain. In this easy to read and follow program, author Mary Shomon helps you increase your metabolism and lose weight safely and effectively.

Complete with comprehensive information, three specific diet plans and an exercise plan, The Thyroid Diet is a holistic program designed to regain your health and lose weight.

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Honestly, this book won't help much unless you haven't done any research on your own. As someone who has, I expected more from this book. I understand that the nature of hypothyroidism makes it difficult to formulate a set plan for dealing with it, but this book just says "You could try this or this or this. It's really up to your system." I kind of already knew that.

posted Dec 12th, 2010 9:04 pm


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